2 steps back

I know I’m not alone in this so tell me why is it so hard to force myself to stay fit?  How is it I am on-on-on for a few weeks, doing everything just so and then I miss or skip a day and it’s over.  What is the deal?  

I was watching The Biggest Looser this week and they had a 24 hour challenge.   With 9 hours remaining one team was trying to talk the other into quitting.  They weren’t having it, one team member said if he quit this it would all be over.  If he didn’t finish this challenge, if he quit now,  he may as well go home.   Quitting was what got them all there.   For a moment I was like ‘Yeah!!  You tell her Sione!”  And then,  gah, am lazy glutton. 

I am the only person in my family (one aunt excluded) that exercises at all.  No one does.  No one.  My sister Heidi has come around in the past few years and certainly struggles as I do, but with 2 children she has a better built in excuse.

The reason to exercises are clear, the way I feel when I am active, the way my jeans fit, the way I sleep, the way my skin stays clear, and they way I pay more attention to what I am eating because of it all.   But the reasons I don’t are clear too,  because I want to watch that show,  I just ate, I already took a shower, I’d rather read,  I need to mop,  or talk on the phone or pick my nose.   Any excuse is an excuse and most of the time I will use one.  Feeling guilty immediately and then for the rest of the day I pretend that running up the stairs is a form of cardio.

It’s a vicious cycle with me.  Right now I am off.   I need to get back track.  I want to, too.   I realized yesterday while Nate and I were at the park that spring/summer IS coming.  And that means swimming with the boy.  I promised myself years ago that the size of my thighs would never affect my parenting.  I would not deny my child(ren) a day of fun because I didn’t want to put on a suit.  Well, this is right around the corner.  So I have to do it now for me and for him. 

What do you do to stay on track?   I need help.


8 thoughts on “2 steps back

  1. i hear ya. i am the exact same way. i think it runs in my family. i don’t understand how people make it part of their lifestyle, like eating or sleeping. it’s WORK to me. and i’d much rather watch the real world whilst eating chocolate chip cookies. help!

  2. Andrew runs 6 miles a day…(like Mike, it is just part of his life) He says that once you do it consistantly, and dont make it an OPTION, your mind set changes and you need it to feel whole for the day. I however, have yet to adopt this myself. Like you, I too make any excuse in the book to skip it that day. I guess maybe we just need to look at it as a MUST DO, no outs. But HOW!!!???? We totally need the have the ajoining back yards to keep each other on track. If only someone would offer me money to stay fit~ then I might do it everyday.

  3. I don’t know, I can’t make myself to stick to it no matter how committed I start out. Every week I think “this is it, I’m going to stick to it” and I fall off the wagon.

    It sounds like all the comments are similiar, maybe if we all had some sort of accountability system?

  4. I have found that joining some classes has really helped. I’m currently enrolled in a boot camp three days a week. The people in the class are really fit. Although we don’t engage in any direct competitions, the other folks inspire me to push harder and do better. I simply work out every day. No exceptions. I do it before Clara wakes up. The down side is I fall asleep by 9:00 p.m. almost every night. The up side is that I am now running an 8 minute mile and am below my pre-pregnancy weight — yay!

  5. I did great for about a month. Then between allergies and the crud, I haven’t been able to go for my long walks anymore. It did help me to mark when I walked on the calendar though. I had a goal of four walks per week (1 hour long). I could easily see if I needed to get more in before Sunday that way.

  6. I have the same issue – staying motivated is hard. It shouldn’t be, as the current state of my body should be enough, but there you are.

    I am more motivated when it’s warm outside – it’s more fun to walk, run, etc. outdoors. There is a new 24-hour gym near my house, so I think that I will check it out. One of my main problems has been that I don’t want to take time away from Madeline to go to a gym or work out, and doing so after she’s in bed should alleviate some of that guilt.

    I don’t want my thighs to dictate parenting, either.

  7. It’s simple… I do things I love. I love yoga; therefore, I’ll make time to get to class. I love riding my bike; I make time for it. I do not love the gym, in fact, I despise the gym – I don’t go. I finally canceled my membership so I wouldn’t feel guilty for NOT going. Just find something you like to do and do it. I think you would do really well if it was on your calendar. You are an organized person – so having time blocked for a certain activity would help you stick with it.

    Please don’t tell yourself that you are taking time away from your children. They need 1:1 time with the other parent just as much as with you. You also need time away from them (no matter how amazing the child is).

  8. I could have written this post myself. I really need to get back into exercising. If falling off the wagon burned calories, I’d be 95 lbs!

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