Last week was fun.  One person was really happy and the other liked my ideas but none of them worked for her space.   Which is really too bad but a realistic issue when you try to help people via email and bolgging without seeing the space in person.  However, I loved it and would love to keep it up.  Maybe once every two weeks I will check in and see if anyone wants to talk decorating.

Is there anything you’d like to ask this week?  It can be anything at all: any room, any issue.  I’d be so happy to help.


2 thoughts on “Ask

  1. Your ideas were great – and if I could have been clearer on our intentions, I bet you would have had a perfect idea! Our room is just CRAZY! So everyone out there – give her a question or I might be forced to come up with another one (remodeling a house in 15 months and not even thinking about decorating it over this time can lead to lots of possible questions!).

  2. DISCLAIMER: Getting fabulous, gorgeous advice can lead to the spending of much money!

    Your advice was so awesome and empowering that I’ve not only begun to take some of it in the form of buying things, but I’ve also spent much of this week getting quotes for other projects around the house. I just got the quote for the new staircase (needs banisters,etc.) and I think we’re going to do it! Stay tuned on my blog… I’ll be posting pictures as soon as we have the pretty, pretty new things installed. 🙂

    Again, just have to say: your advice ROCKS and so do you!

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