Never Done

A home is never really done.  Sometimes I think I have completed a room when I can stand in the middle and everywhere I look makes me smile.  I think okay, lets move on.  But really it takes time to layer in things to make any space feel homey and to tell a story.  To feel like you live there and not like it’s some sort of staged house for sale.  I somehow forget this though it happens a lot.  The truth is, once I add something new and love it I am so satisfied it’s as though I ate a vat of ice cream covered in magic shell with the guarantee of no weight gain, or belly ache.  Anyway, I do this.  I add something and stare at it, love it, and eventually my eye finds a new spot to rest.  Maybe it’s a spot that I once thought was “done” maybe it’s a a new spot that suddenly looks unfinished.  Or in this case, maybe the spot is fine but you happen upon something to make it great.  Herein lies part of my compulsion. 

Yesterday after Story Time Nate and I went to Michael’s.  I had spotted something there on my last visit that I wanted to get photos and measurements on (for another project) and came across little trian like letters.  I played with them for a minute and thought they were really cute but I moved on.   Later that night I was relaxing for a few minutes rocking in Nate’s room listening to Mike bathe him down the hall and out of no where those little letters pooped into my head.  First it was of one idea, then of another.  Then it all came together.  A small floating shelf.  Move the owl prints  side by side with the shelf below.  Possibly with a photo or two depending on space allowance.    A very small addition to a room but it is these tiny things that make a space better, your own.  It took just an hour and a half to paint and stain them.  Then a little longer to patch and paint over the old holes , rehang the owl’s and hang the shelf. 

Nate's room

It surprises me that his room is my favorite in the house.  I don’t know why really, I put the same amount of thought and effort into others.   Maybe it’s because its for him?  That I have chosen things for him, that he will grow with, play with what have you.  I don’t really know but it is what it is.  My favorite.

There is another project I’m cooking up for his room.  Hopefully it will be done soon.   When it’s finished I will show you the whole thing, maybe a video tour.


7 thoughts on “Never Done

  1. Looking great! I understand what you mean when it comes to Nate’s room being your favorite–I find that things I do for Charlotte give me more satisfaction than most other things I do, even when the stuff is practically identical or the same effort goes into it. There’s just something about doing things for your kids that is amazingly fulfilling.

  2. Adorable! It looks fantastic! I agree, my girls rooms (and their bathroom) are my favorites in our house. They are the only rooms I feel are finished. Probably because I got to start from scratch and didn’t feel obligated to put anything in there that I didn’t LOVE.

  3. it looks GREAT! are those the owl prints from tiny canary? they are perfect. well done.

    hmmm….i wonder what this mysterious project is you are cooking up for his room. could it have anything to do with your slacker friend?

  4. Love it 🙂 There is something very sweet and very satisfing about decorating for your children!

    I am laughing at Carrie 🙂 I can not WAIT to see it when it is all done!!!

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