Not that you asked

There is a meme going around in the spirit of Valentines day (month).  It started on Face book and has made its way through the blogsphere.  Figured I’d give you all more information than you ever wanted to know about Mike and I.   

What are your middle names? Mine is Lee.  There is nothing wrong with his, I’m just not telling you because he uses it professionally.

How long have you been together?  10.5 Years- Married 6.5

Who asked whom out?  Neither.  We were set up on a blind date.  

How old are each of you?   We are both 31, I am older by 3 months.  Because of our birth dates I was a year ahead in school.

Who’s siblings do you see the most?  I think his since 2 of my sisters are typically MIA.   This works fine for me, I love my In Laws!  Though we don’t see anyone enough, his family or mine.

Which situation is hardest on you as a couple?  This is a two part situation.  The answer is Mike’s job-  He works so much we don’t spend enough time together.  Also, living away from our families is really difficult.  Raising Nate without his cousins and grandparents stinks.  Not to mention we could really use a “village.”   I think if I had my network closer it wouldn’t be so hard to deal with his working so much because I wouldn’t be so alone.  It’s hard.

Did you go to the same school?  No. 

Are you from the same home town?  No- we grew up on opposite sides of Washington State.  Ultimately we met when he attended undergrad in my hometown.

Who is smarter?   Well he does have 3 degrees so I suppose he is, technically.  He really is brilliant and it blows my mind.   I’m no dummy though.  We balance each other out really well.   He is really book smart, I’ve full of snark and common sense.

Who is the most sensitive?  I am.  Though he’s no robot- he has cried at a few movies in our time.  In delivery rooms, at vet offices. etc. 

Where do you eat out most as a couple?  Probably Joey Changs.  A Chinese fusion place near our house. 

Where is the furthest you’ve traveled together as a couple?  St.  Thomas – USVI- I’d go back tomorrow.

Who has the craziest exes?  Neither of us- we both made pretty clean breaks.

Who has the worst temper?   Him, I think.  I get mad but I don’t fight, I shut down, cry and won’t talk.   I slam doors and storm out.

Who does the cooking?   Yeah, that’s me.   There was a time, long long ago when he would cook to be romantic or if I was sick he’d come off the bench.  Now?  He gets take out. 

Who is the neat freak?  Both of us- he fanned his magazines as a kid!  But, my standards are a little higher.  He wants everything put away- I want everything spotless. 

Who is the most stubborn?   ME!  I’m a spoiled brat- I want my way and I will get it.  You know that scene in Wedding Crashers when Isla Fisher puts her fingers in her ears, holds her breath and stops until he Daddy says yes.  That’s pretty much me if Mike tells me no.

Who hogs the bed?  HIIIIIIIM!!  OMG- the sleep I loose.  The number of times I will get up and move to his side or throw in the towel and sleep in the guest room.  We really need a king.  This is absolutely absurd considering how small we both are.

Who wakes up earlier?  Him, hands down.  I could sleep until 10 any day of the week.  He gets up at 7 on weekends.

Where was your first date?  It was at an Italian restaurant (where we had our rehearsal dinner) and then at a University dance.  It was surprisingly fun.  I did NOT want to go.

Who is more jealous?  Me, I guess.  But not at all related to our relationship.  I get jealous over someones new car or great hair.    Though I am constantly asking “is she cuter/skinnier/flatter than me?”  I’m half joking, but I do want to know.

How long did it take to get serious?   About 2 months.  Though our first month together was over Christmas break which we spent apart.  He went home (to the other side of the state) I went to Florida and to Europe.  So we spent a lot of time apart.  I bet if we’d been in the same place that first month it would have happened even faster.

Who eats more?  I’m not sure.   It looks about the same but I never have 2nd’s so maybe him.  Yeah, him.  I buy a lot more for him to eat than I do myself.

Who does the laundry?  Me.  But, he will throw in a load here or there if he needs something.  Occasionally on a day where I do all of the laundry in one day I can invite him to an “old fashioned laundry folding party”  and he will help fold and put away.   I stopped caring about how he folds years ago, help is help.

Who is better with the computer?  Probably him.  He does things on the computer that amaze me but are about as useful as algebra to a SAHM-  He doesn’t know how to do most of my daily things like download and edit photos, or anything about the technical side of blogging.  We do different things well.

Who drives when you’re together?  Mostly him- but if we go out to dinner I usually drive home.


One thought on “Not that you asked

  1. Awww…..I remember your first date! I remember Mike with a huge grin on his face the whole night. Holy cow, that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? Yikes. I also wanted to comment that I’m very impressed you let him fold the laundry, because I can’t seem to let anyone else do that without some obsessive re-folding. Apparently, I can’t let go of that OCD tendency. Hope your family is all doing well, we miss you guys and think of you often.

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