I wish that I’d have taken “before” pictures.  Some can be seen in the first post of CUYMH.  Here is what I’ve accomplished with the Kitchen+Dining Room challenge.

The dining room after removing the leaf in the table.  I am so glad I did this.  The room looks less awkward and like the table was purchased for a different home. (it was) – cost $0dining room

We picked this little deal up at Ikea a few weekends ago.  If yours is a home that does doggy duty a few times per day this is a must have!  For 8 years we have been keeping our plastic bags in a milk carton in the kitchen.  The leash has always been where ever we left it.  Now they are both in one place, the coat closet since you need a coat or shoes or both.  One stop.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Cost $1.99 (!)Baggie holder

Junk drawer- oh man.  I threw away so much you wouldn’t believe it.  There was no excuse really. I told Mike the no junk drawer rule and he said forget it.  I agree, I think you need a place for the random crap.  As long as I stay on top of it.  Cost $0Junk drawer- after

The spices.  I go nuts every time I cook, searching for what I need and it is never in front.  Turned out I had lots of duplicates (no wonder when you cant see anything)  I kept what seemed to be the newest, moved some of the funky ones to another cabinet and put a ramekin of coarse salt in there.  I am constantly getting the box out of the pantry and thought this would be easier since I usually want just a pinch.  Cost $ 7.89- Targetspices

And finally, the area over the stove.  Stretching on my tip toes I’m 5 foot 3 so I usually need a chair if what I need isn’t right on the edge here.   I have lots of cooking oils and different vinegars.  I got two lazy Susan’s and now I can reach it all with one easy spin.  Cost $5.79 each- Targetoils

Today I took the challenge a step further by doing some deep cleaning.  Magic eraser’ingthe floor grout, washing the floors, walls and baseboards.   I am so happy that I decided to do this.  The results while small are amazing.  Anything that helps you edit and make your life easier is so worth my time.  This month provided lots of improvement for under $20!  Not bad.


5 thoughts on “After

  1. whoa, impressive! how very sleeping with the enemy those spices look, all in a row. i’m loving the lone light blue christmas light bulb in the organized junk drawer. i agree, you need a place for random stuff. let me know if you need anything else from ikea…i’m going on saturday and could get it to you on sunday.

  2. Ok, Love all of this, but the ONE thing that jumped off the page at me is the test tube spice rack… umm… you have had that since the Auburn house… Are those spices still good??? LOL

  3. Looking good…
    I have one of those spice rack thingys and I use it in the pantry for my canned goods too.

    Table looks great!

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