Damn Groundhog

We have reached sort of a lull in activity around here in the past few weeks.  Mike is back to working all the damn time and Nate and I have sort of hunkered down for the winter.   These two things sort of suck the topics right out of you, blocked, bored, uninspired.   All of the above.  I have been doing what I can though.  Working out, cleaning, organizing photos for scrap projects, cleaning,painting my nails, drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate.  And, lets not forget, swearing up  and down at Ohio for it’s Winter.    These little things are helping a bit but I’m not my happiest.  Mike asked me this weekend just what in the hell my problem is, exactly.  Without even thinking I told him that I feel like I’m on restriction.  Then I said, Wow- I’ve been trying to figure that out all week.

I know that Winter in Ohio isn’t comparable to say, the North Pole but I am not from a Winter state.  I don’t do these temperatures, I don’t shovel snow for more than 3 minutes before proclaiming F this Noise and going back inside for more hot cocoa.  I am doing what I thought would help, exercise, being creative(ish) etc but its still sucking.  I just don’t do winter.  I suppose its official.

Today Nate woke  up early enough to make it to Story Time at the library.  I have been wanting to take him all month but it is just one day a week and god love him he has been sleeping until 9 (!) so we haven’t been able to get to the class at 9:30- but today we did.   Let me just say it, he was the worst behaved kid in the class.  We were the only new people which was clear since everyone knew the words and hand motions to all of the songs.  So I hope that was on our side.   Now don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t bad by any means.  He just wanted out of my lap a couple of times so I had to keep stuffing things in his cry hole- sippy or cheerios, my finger.  Aside from the few times he did the back arch to try and escape he LOVED it.  And of course when it was free for all play time- he was shy and it took a few minutes to actually leave my side.    As long as he wakes up in time this will be a normal part of our week.  The library is about a 3 minute drive, he had fun, and I can check out books!

I grew up in a city neighborhood.  We lived across the street from a public library so I was there at least every Saturday if not more.  I am quite familiar with the concept of a library card.    Talk about a no-shitter people!  I got a Library Card today!  And I used it to check out books!  I know.    Man, she’s slow.   So, fun for Nate, fun for Mom. 

Now I have to figure out what to do with the other 6 days of the week.


3 thoughts on “Damn Groundhog

  1. I am so glad you finally got to go to story time! You have a visitor coming soon too, that will help a little with the board time.. I still think that you should go check out toddler gym at the Y 🙂 two times a week then you are only left with 4 days. They Y also has that Indoor toddler pool and open swin times.. so you dont have to take lessons to go swimming.. maybe 3 days left!

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