I am reeling over the news that my favorite magazine of all time is closing shop!  Domino. 

I remember seeing a full page ad for it in Lucky, a new magazine about Shopping for your Home.  My two favorite things since I earned my first dollar babysitting.  Decorating my room was never just a hobby it was who I was, it was what I loved most. 

I was in the Seattle airport when I first laid eyes on it.   I was thrilled it was out.   I had subscribed to it before the first issue ever went to print –   but I bought a copy at the airport, even though I knew that one would be waiting for me when I returned to Chapel Hill.   I just couldn’t wait.

I know it’s utterly ridiculous to wax poetic about a magazine but I love it!  Every month when it comes I save it, waiting until I am free to read it from cover to cover.   Now that I am home with Nathan and feeling a bit disconnected from the outside world, it is my window.

I was pretty upset when blueprint went under after just 8 issues (all of which I have)  but this is worse.

I will miss you Domino- please do not refund my money for the issues I paid through 2010.   I don’t need it and you’ve earned it.


(has me wondering  about the $7 I just sent to Elle Decor this week- that is just too cheap- could they be next?)

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