Carrie at Creative Envy (and also my great friend IRL) tagged me last week to write 7 things about me.   If you have been here very long you know a lot about me already.  I have done this here, here,  I’ve done this one, too.   And one of these.  None are exactly the same but there is a lot about me out there already.   I have been thinking about a theme for the 7 but couldn’t come up with a complete list.  I had pet peeves, guilty pleasures, a covet list- but it was all less than interesting.  What I settled on probably is, too.

As we await the 2nd round of this winter storm and I am getting ready to hand over my car for the rest of the week (if it is as bad as they are promising.)   I am looking forward to spring.    Dreaming of Spring.  Begging Puhxsutawney Phil to work with me and get on with it.

7 things I love about Spring

1. Daffodils-   Yellow is my favorite color, so I naturally love a daffodil.   To me when I see them pop up in the grocery store,  it’s like a promise of warmer days.  

2. Walks to the Park- I love to walk outside when it’s still a little chilly but the sun is out.  I am looking especially forward to the two parks in our neighborhood.  Now that Nate is walking and climbing I think he is going to love these outings, too.

3. Bare Feet!  I am a cold person, I have been as long as I can remember.  Right now I am wearing socks and a pair of slippers that look like Uggs and my toes are still not warm.  I can’t wait to be bare foot in the house again, and for my toes to defrost.

4.  Starbucks: Ice Tea Lemonade.  I give up my Chai in the summer (for the most part) and switch to this drink.  It just tastes like Spring.  Also drinking milk is not refreshing.  (I can’t help but remember Will Farrel in Anchorman.  “Milk was a bad choice!”)  It reminds me of the sun tea that my childhood friend’s Mom would make.  It reminds me of running track when we had country time lemonade after practice.  Maybe I love it because it makes me feel young? 

5.  Rain.  This one is sort of contradictory to the list but the truth is I love a gray rainy day.  Not for days on end, but a random day here and there.  It feels like home.    I love to have the windows open and let the fresh smell in, light a candle and bake something.   I love the break from the sunshine, it makes me appreciate it more.

6. Gardening!  Man, did I over think this last year!  This year I will not get all worked up over it.  I am going to buy what I like and plant it.   I cant wait to have the yard though.  I haven’t seen the grass, or the beds or even the sidewalk in weeks.  I love the way the yard looks and smells after I have mowed the lawn, weeded and watered the beds.  Instant gratification.

7. Grilling.  As much as I love a one pot meal of soup or pasta, I also love the change to lighter and fresh eating.  Grilled meat and salads, fruit, wine.   I also enjoy that it mixes up your cooking options.  I can use recipes that I haven’t in months.   Meal planning and cooking is a big part of my week so this change is always refreshing.


What do you love about Spring?


4 thoughts on “Tag!

  1. Although I love snow (and we only get it a little each year), I love the warmer weathers of spring – not having to bundle up (or AJU5) and all. It makes going for walks a lot more enjoyable. Unfortunately for where we live, spring also means wind – which hampers walks…

  2. Spring brings a new smell of rain and wind. You couple that with fresh cut grass!! I LOVE that. I also love how excited the kids get with every rainbow. It is like they have never seen one before. They will gaze out the window as long as the rainbow lasts. Just ohhing and ahhing. That never gets old 🙂

  3. I’m a winter girl, but then again, down here we’ve only got two seasons–summer, and not-quite-as-hot-as-summer. So I love a break from the heat. But the one thing I love more than anything else here in Florida comes in the spring: citrus blossoms. March is just beautiful down here, so with all that wind we get the scent of orange blossoms blowing around, and the honey bees come back out and it’s just so nice.

  4. thanks for responding to my tag! i know you’ve done them before but i love the spin you put on it. i too love daffodils….along with tulips and lilacs. can’t get enough!

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