I’m still alive.  I know I haven’t been posting much its just that nothing is going on worth reporting.  So, I give you this.  You’re welcome.  (run!)

We did have a meeting with the bath fitter man child tonight.    He asked why we were interested in redoing our tub and I said “come with me,  you’ll see.”    Now, our bathroom isn’t bad.  The reason for doing this or wanting to do this is that the old tub and shower surround is shoddy.   Our house is 17 years old and its just worn out.    Also, we want to avoid any water damage that is lurking behind the walls since we cant get caulk to dry, ever.  Ever!   The man child gasps and says “Oh this is terrible!”  There is some paint chipping around the window, its not a big deal at all and he was like – The walls are pulling away from the studs and the sky is falling!   Oh man, I knew we were in for it.  It’s paint, kid.  The fan is in the toilet room not in the room with the shower, it’s FINE.  He said we need to have the walls ripped out and rebuilt as wall as new copper pipes put in.  (some racket about the lifetime guarantee)   It was very down hill from there.  He didn’t seem to  understand why I wasn’t interested in purchasing a curtain rod from them (because I already have one, thanks)   This “no pressure, I’m not selling you anything you don’t know that you need”  was such a line.  When we told him we were just looking for the estimate tonight, thanks, he excused himself to stand on the porch for 10 minutes to let us discuss it.    “But if you pay half tonight you can save $325.00!”   Sorry, but that isn’t enough  savings to force us into a decision- whats $325?   He left very upset.    Now it’s not that we wont use them down the line.  I don’t disagree with tearing out what is there now and rebuilding because we truly don’t know what is going on behind there, and there has to be some damage the way we go though the caulk.  I also love that they will put the walls up to the ceiling and re frame the window.  I love that we will get new fixtures (which he called appliances.)  I just wasn’t down with him pressuring us into doing this tonight.   He was not happy when he left.  He needs to relax, I have his name and his cell #.  I will give him the commission if we decide to use this company.    He took  his shoes off, I will give him the job.

I am preparing for another cabin fever run.  We have two back to back storms coming in threatening a foot of snow combined.   So to the grocery store for some stocking up.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  I will be on the news tomorrow with my hands in the air when there isn’t any milk left.   Ohio, get off my lawn!


2 thoughts on “Filler

  1. Oh, we are up for this same thing… I think we’re going to end up tearing our tub out, as I can see that there’s too much moisture to really save it.

    Madeline can’t take baths in her little blue tub forever! 😉

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