Sleepless in Columbus

Guys, I am beat.  For the past two weeks Nate’s been having a hard time with naps and last night he only slept from 12 to 3:30.   Gah- hoping this ends soon.  I “think” I know what to do to help the nap situation.  We’ll see how it goes today if he can stand staying up an extra hour after last night.

Anyway, as a result of a difficult couple of weeks I am trying really hard to fight the funk.    That being said I haven’t worked out once this week and it’s Thursday!  Today during the nap attempt I am going to shower and make our grocery list so we can be out this afternoon until Mike gets home.  Even if there is no nap this will make the day easier.   Oh, the learning curve.  She is steep.

I will be just fine, this is not the first or last time this will happen.  Sometimes you feel better just typing that as a reminder.   This too shall pass.

I am looking forward to the weekend.  Any movie rental suggestions?  Store sales I should be aware of?  Mama needs some free time!


3 thoughts on “Sleepless in Columbus

  1. Ask Moxie JUST talked about the 18 month sleep regression. Sounds like it is full force in your house!

    (I am all bummed because I had hoped we were done with sleep regressions. FOR-EV-ER.)

  2. I watched the first 30 minutes of Baby Mama and I liked it! I’m off to Vancouver this weekend, but that movie is on my mind!! Anyway, something light and easy with lots of laughs is always good to watch.

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