Sometimes when you are busy living your life, things happen that you intend on writing about.  Things that make you laugh, purchases made, life lessons.  But, you are busy and time gets away from you.  When you finally sit down to put your thoughts together too much has happened and in the grand scheme of things none of it is as exciting to recall as it would have been if you would have captured it the day it happened.  I do this all the time.  I miss opportunities.  This past weekend is the perfect example, as was our Thanksgiving trip which I simply gave up on.

I had an incredibly productive weekend.  I purged and organized like a machine.  My closet went well, I got rid of a lot that I thought would be harder to let go.  I got rid of 20 pair of shoes and several belts along with a few coats and purses.  I went through my socks, nylons and underwear.   I got rid of more than half.  It felt so good I moved to the linen closet in our master bath.  I went through my jewelry and my products, getting rid of a ton of stuff.    The heap of garage sale items in the basement is getting impressive.  Though I realize it could all end up at goodwill, too.

The next day we made the 90 mile trek to Ikea.  Oh, Ikea.  I love you so.   We went to look at bedroom furniture.  I had a short list of items I was looking for and I was really wanting a day of inspiration.  Ikea is the perfect place if you are looking for stimulation overload.  Seriously, I had a happy headache when we left.

We went for bedroom items.  We came home with none.  New ideas yes, but nothing for our bedroom.

We bought a desk and a drawer system for the den.  Unless you know me IRL you don’t know what a victory this is!   Mike has said for 2+ years that the den is last priority.  He could care less if that room remains empty for ever. EVR!  I have never liked this but didn’t argue since nearly every room in our house was empty when we moved in and there were other things I wanted more.  Now the house is filling up and the den is a sore spot.  The first thing you see when you walk into the house.   You have seen pictures of it before, it’s where I park my jogging stroller and the phone sits on a lone table near a bookcase.   So, when we rounded the corner of office furniture I followed him in and he said, “I like this one.”  Me too I reply and keep walking.   He is still there, checking out the drawer unit and looking at the tag.  “I think this is what we should buy today.  Would that be okay with you?”  

I spent some time with a hex- key and then some time figuring out how to arrange the room and voila, we have an office!  We need about 40 things to complete the room.  That chair is part of our patio set.  The jogger is in the basement for the season. We need curtains, a desk chair, a comfortable chair and ottoman (Mike reads a lot of proposals at home) some paint (the walls and I may even paint the bookcase black) and probably a rug.  But, this is a start.  And you know all I need is a start.

Bare Bones- Den

This totally bumps the bedroom down the list, again.  Which is disappointing but I can deal with it because I never thought this room would happen.    A personal plus is this is a space to share, not just  Mikes room.  I moved in all of my scrap supplies today and intend on using it a lot.  It is exactly what we both need. I  have the space to be creative and it is around the corner from plain view so I can leave unfinished pages out until they are finished.  It is great for Mike because he has been working at our kitchen table for years.  He works at home a lot, he deserves a proper space. 

Detour?  Yes.  Victory?  Indeed.


4 thoughts on “Detour

  1. Were you able to take everything home with you, or did you pay to have it shipped? We live about that far from an Ikea, and the online shipping charges are insane–about three times the item you want to buy! Our biggest car is a Mitsubishi Outlander, so I’m scared to go in case we can’t fit the boxes in the trunk! Unless shipping is cheaper if you do it through the store.

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