Spilled Milk

I have had enough of the drippy sippy.   These are 3 we have tried in the 3 weeks since weaning.   We don’t use the nuby anymore at all since he leaned how to poke the entire top in.  The Avent is the best shape for him but it goes from a little drip to a total mess depending on its mood.  The other one is a MLB version of a Playtex, it’s okay but not leak free either. I don’t want anymore milk in my carpet.    Help! Does a leak free cup exist?


6 thoughts on “Spilled Milk

  1. Go Gerber! They are the best for no leaks. As long as he does not slam them down on the floor and knock out the little stopper they are great. I also swear by Playtex 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Sorry… the playtex that is not the MLB… the stopper on the inside looks much different then the one that I put in your dishwasher while I was there last week…

  3. We have the munchkin ones. They only leak when she throws them on the ground (then a few drops come out and that is it). So, as long as it won’t be thrown, they might be worth a try (I got ours at Target and Albertsons).

  4. Oh lordy, spilled milk IS something to cry about! We have had the most luck with the straw sippy cups; I use Munchkin and the big Nuby- they have those at our Walmart for cheap. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily Travis latched on to the straw and learning that has worked out great. He no longer throws the cup because he doesn’t have to tip it up to get the milk out and we can get him something at a restaurant in a to-go cup if he say, dropped the sippy cup on the floor and I didn’t want to use hand soap to wash it off…
    Good Luck!

  5. Playtex has some like the one on the far left that don’t leak. Also, Nuby has one that doesn’t have handles that looks kinda like the one in the middle. It’s got a hard spout and doesn’t drip. You can get it for a dollar at Walmart. They have a smaller version that has handles that functions the same way, also only a dollar. Those are the ones we use now.

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