Cabin Fever

 The weather this week has been horrible.  We have about 6-8 inches of snow and the temps have been hovering in the single digits.   Last winter I mentioned that our little commuter car acts like the toboggan in Christmas Vacation when it snows so Mike takes my car when there are more than a few inches on the ground.

We have been in the house for three days.  Not counting the before dawn trip to the airport on Tuesday.  I am trying to keep it together but I am bored.  I was very motivated  yesterday by the cuymh task but didn’t finish though I am about half way.  I made my bed today which is a boring little tidbit but I did it!   I am going to do some laundry and finish up sorting my shoes.  Exciting!

This week has thrown off our plans.  Monday Nate slept through story time at the library and yesterday was the first day of our toddler class which was canceled.   So, the boy has taken his entertainment into his own hands, err legs.  (yes, it is 11am and he is in pj’s)

clock monkey

He is a climber, he has been a climber but he is getting better at it.  He has also discovered that not all of the kitchen cabinets have kid proof tabs and the ones that do, he has leaned how to open.   Remind me what was so appealing about a boy?  Heh.

To help me entertain myself and each other.  Tell me what you like to do on snow days.


2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Well, it’s Texas. So snow days are few and far between, but the gist is everyone saying “Can you believe it snowed?!?”

    It’s funny though, because you’ll see yards where little kids have built a meager snowman using every bit of snow in the yard.

  2. We don’t get out much because we don’t have a yard and we share a vehicle. We survive by keeping her out of the kitchen entirely (unless it’s mealtime) and having the living room entirely Charlotte-proof. Luckily, she doesn’t climb (though she’s perfectly capable) so at this point, that isn’t a concern for us.

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