January’s task: Bedrooms

When I first read this I thought what a waste of a month.  Our bedrooms are clean and tidy.    They really are but so is most of our house, its what you don’t see that needs the work.  

Peter wants our bedrooms to have zones.   Sleeping, clothes, reading, etc.  And for our kids rooms to have them as well.  This isn’t working for my family.  We don’t use our rooms for much.  Nate’s is for sleeping, reading books and diaper changes.  Those zones are established with his rocking chair, bookcase and a changing table.  Our room is for sleeping and watching some TV.   So this is a nice idea but for our home it’s not something for us to work toward.

This does not mean that my work here is done!  His other things do apply.

Make it a room for grown-ups. – yeah, that means get Nate’s books, pacifiers and toys out of there.  Okay, will do!

Bring back the romance.  see above.   This room is totally hopeless in it’s current state.  This is a large part of why we are working on a makeover.  But, there are a few things I can do to make it a nicer environment. 

Make the bed.   FINE!   I am not good about this but I will admit that it is a must if you want a nice relaxing space.  Will add this to my “today” mantra.

Beware of what’s under the bed.   This isn’t too big an issue.   Mike and I both have our summer clothes in bins under the bed.   I should vacuum under there.

Clean the closet. (this is exactly what the email reads) We wear 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time. To weed out the ones you don’t wear, turn all of the hangers in your closet one way. After you wear an item, turn the hanger to face the other way. Get rid of the clothes on the hangers that haven’t been turned in the last year

I clean out the closets all the time,  tossing things that don’t fit or have a stain.  But what I don’t do is get rid of the things I am not wearing.  I have lots of button up  shirts and slacks and dresses that I don’t wear but just can’t get rid of.  I don’t know why, what if I need them?  Or, is it more of I don’t want an empty closet.  Is it a quantity over quality issue?  If so that is exactly the point of this exercise.

I am going to the easy stuff first while I consider what the answer to that is.  I am going to do my shoes (again) first.  I know there is a lot in there that I am keeping that I won’t wear again.  Out of style, damaged, whatever.   I don’t need a closet full of shoes when I wear only a few pair.   This task I will do today when Nate naps.  I will also clear off our night stands and dust, vacuum, wash our bedding and make the bed.  Oh, Dudes!  And dust the blinds!  Oh my word.  Dust the blinds.

The guest room closet needs some purging.  There is a dead TV in that closet that Mike promised me would be gone before Nathan was born.  That is also the off season coat closet and we both have a few coats that can go.  This will only take a few minutes as well. 

The real work this month is going to be why can’t I get rid of my old unworn clothes.  Will I do the hanger trick and hold on to them for a year then get rid of it all or do it now.  I will let you know but I bet I put it off and turn the hangers.  

Anyone else tackling this one with me?  Do you keep clothes you don’t wear?


3 thoughts on “CUYMH: 2

  1. I think if you have an older house, you aren’t going to have too many zones because the rooms are smaller. But new houses – the master suite is HUGE! I personally like to just have the bedroom for sleeping, clothes, and occasionally some reading. I don’t need to have different zones as long as the clothes are put away.

    I have a problem getting rid of clothes too. But, since almost all of my clothes have been in a box for a year, I am gong to have to do a lot of pyrging when we unpack!

    Good luck answering your question!

  2. You probably know this, but make sure you recycle the old TV. TVs have lots of hazardous waste and cannot just be tossed. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find places that accept TVs for recycling. It is a growing concerns as most people are purging old TVs for models that are HD compliant. We just dealt with this issue. Luckily there’s a new law in WA requiring places to accept TVs for recycling without cost. Hopefully there’s something similar in OH.
    On a more positive note, YAY to you for doing all this! My bedroom is a lost cause and house projects are something that Tom no longer supports after last summer’s lead paint undertaking.

  3. I make my bed every single day and I have since I’ve been married (over 14 years now). It’s just habit for both of us. It actually makes going to bed at night a much better experience. And when I walk in my room at any point during the day, I see a nicely made bed instead of a mess. The rest of the room may be a disaster but my bed looks nice! I also put all the clothes on it when I do laundry that way they have to get folded and put away before I can go to bed – good motivation.

    As for the clothes, well, I think things change when you go from working to being a SAHM. I have lots of clothes that I don’t really wear but that I may need if the occasion arises. I too have button down shirts and the like but I DO pull those out once in a great while when I need them. I have dresses that I don’t really wear but when I had to go to a fancy dinner, I pulled one out. So I don’t know that that rule necessarily applies to a SAHM 100% of the time.

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