A week behind

My sister flew in from Seattle last Thursday and we have been busy.  A good busy, the kind where you shop and eat and frequent Starbucks and just talk and talk and shop and eat and talk and then, its over. Five days have passed and  you’re leaving for the airport to take her home. 

Here are some of the happenings.

  • Nate is walking all over the house.  In just a week he has gone from 3 steps to full on walking.
  • I found my DREAM bedding- perfect in every way, color, pattern and texture.  And, it was 50% off!  I put it on hold and took pictures to show Mike.  He hated it.  I now hate him.  The search continues.
  • Nate got a new pair of shoes
  • Heidi watched the kid so Mike and I went to dinner and a movie.  Alone!  It was fantastic.  We saw the dog movie, the dog dies. WTF?! 
  • I ate terribly while Heidi was here.  Apparently that is part of what we do. 
  • While we watch girl movies.
  • I think I forced her to do as much shopping in a few days as she does in a year. 
  • I think it is good for her!
  • She was underwhelmed with Target’s design event.
  • I don’t know why we don’t share that gene.
  • I forced HGTV on her anyway.
  • I am researching options for a shower makeover.  We have a tub with three “walls” – and I am OVER caulking the thing.  Also, we need a new non-drippy faucet.    I am looking into cost for tile vrs a system like bathfitter.  
  • I don’t know why I am doing this now since this is a “later”  item. 
  • I have new ideas for a few rooms of the house, too.
  • This time of year makes me crazy.  I don’t know why I am always in full on redecorate and organize mode.
  • I need to get into full on operation get the ass in gear, mode.
  • Nathan is done teething for a while.  His last two came in this weekend, all that’s left are his 2 year molars.  He now has 16 teeth.
  • Nate mastered walking  and began talking and signing even more.
  • I got the first twinge of OMG baby yesterday at the mall.
  • I kicked myself in my own ovary and told it to shut the hell up.
  • I picked out new glasses.  Cart before horse, I need an eye exam before I order them.
  • Decided I am  happy with the length of my hair, can’t decide if I want bangs.   I have this argument with myself every single time I have cut my hair in the past 7 years. 
  • Every.
  • Time!
  • My dog ate a jar of baby food.
  • No, not the food.
  • The jar.
  • This line is for you to imagine what we are doing with his waste..
  • Do you need more time?
  • I know.
  • Gross.
  • We don’t know for sure that any of it went down.
  • We only know that there were 3 pieces of it on the floor and blood on his bed.
  • We couldn’t find the rest of the jar.
  • We hope he just chewed it up a bit and spit it out after it cut him.
  • But, we don’t know.
  • So grocery bag over the hand for a week it is.
  • Later that night the dog peed in the house.
  • A little later, the cat puked in my bedroom.
  • Pets are overrated.
  • I got all mad and pissy about grocery shopping and cooking.
  • I decided I needed to cook more new food.
  • I made a soup that took over an hour.
  • It was not good.
  • I found a way to turn everything Mike said into him having terrible taste until we were all cracking up over it.
  • I don’t think it is funny.
  • That bedding was perfect.
  • I don’t know him at all.
  • I have over 100 items in google reader.
  • I am equally overwhelmed and excited to catch up after a blog hiatus.


So, whats up with you guys?  Anything happen in the last week?


6 thoughts on “A week behind

  1. Tiling is cheap but a mess (and sometimes a pain). The hardest part (other than controlling the mess) is cutting the round holes for the pipes without breaking the tile. If you are having someone else install it will be more expensive…

  2. This time of year does weird stuff to everyone, I think. I get restless and depressed, but also (sometimes) energized to start projects and clean things out. And then I realize that starting projects and organizing my world requires some money, which I NEVER have at this time of year, so then it’s back to depression.

    Also, about the dog movie – I haven’t seen it but of course everyone in the world says “it’s SOOOOOO sad!” and I’m smart enough to put two and two together, so my big question is: why in the world are all the previews billing it as a happy, funny, feel-good, family movie?? If I took my kid to see a cute puppy movie and then the damn thing DIED at the end, I’d be pissed. Just sayin’.

    And about your dog? That just sucks. For him and for you.

  3. Love you, loved our 5 days that turned into 6, love Nate, and had a great time (even though we do not share that same gene 🙂

  4. that is tragic about the bedding! i wanna see it. send me a link if you can. is bruno okay?! let’s catch up soon.

  5. I have a pretty good recipe for Chicken Enchilada Soup, everyone who has tried it loves it. . . if you feel like redeeming spending an hour on bad soup. I hate when I think something is worth the time and it isn’t!

    Anyway, if you’re interested just email me.

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