Well Baby

Nate had his 15 month check up today.  They call them “well baby checks” is he a baby anymore?   It seems like he is more of a kid everyday, to me.   I don’t go into much detail about his development or lack of in some areas.  I don’t want to complain, bore or brag.  But, this kid is incredible.  Truly.   I do get a bit sorry for myself when he is cutting 4 molars at the same time or 4 incisors (now) at the same time or if he has the nerve to wake up before 8 am but he is such a good boy/baby/kid that I am terrified to have another.  There is no way I will get another one just like him.

His check today was great.   The only question we said “no” to was is  he walking well.  He is toddling a bit, 3 to 5 steps at a time between toys or Mom and Dad but nothing so brave as across the room.  It will come in time, the first steps were just 4 days ago.    He uses a lot of words but not well,  a few are complete but many are more of a sound that we recognize as a word.  cok-cok is clock.  ogg is dog, itty-at is kittycat, many are sounds with signs to complete them,  he signs snow but says ssssss, so lots of stuff like that.  There are  many that are true words but I wont list them all.  Not bad for his age.  

He is still pretty small though he did grow more in these 3 months than the last three(see baby stat page)  He is up to 22 lbs 12 oz and is 30 inches tall.  Both height and weight are in the 25 percentile.  His giant head is still (and has always been) in the 97th.   None of these things are concerns, we are both short people and one of us (not me) has a melon of a head so it is to be expected.   Short people make short people.

I haven’t said that this is my favorite age for a long time.  The last time I really wanted to stop time was when he was 9 months, just before he started crawling.  But now at 15 months?  I want to hold everything!   I am enjoying him so much right now.   The only challenge at this point is he isn’t too fond of staying still.  Sitting in a shopping cart or stroller or on a lap.  He wants to get out and explore.   Aside from that, today is my favorite!

15 month check up


Nate with Hat Hair Mom


14 thoughts on “Well Baby

  1. I LOVE the face that he is making in the first pic. And yes, 15 months is the best age!!!! I will see you in less then 24 hours!!!!!!!

  2. How precious are these pics?!

    We scheduled Tony’s 15 month at his one year (actually 13 month.. I suck) checkup. I was all surprised when they suggested March 6th. I was like, “March?! He won’t be that old till.. like.. well.. crap, he’s growing too fast.”

    I’m glad it all went well. And that you’re doing well, too.

  3. So adorable! It sounds like you are really happy with him. Who knows, the next one could be just a good…

    You’re really giving me something to look forward to! I can’t imagine Aidan that big, but at the same time he’s growing like a weed!! He’s already got his first two teeth!

  4. YAY! He looks just like Mike in that second pic. 🙂 I agree-about 10-18 months is my FAVORITE age. I love them all, but there is something special going on then, just too much cuteness. And they haven’t got the Terrible 2 attitude yet!

  5. ok…I thought that first photo was a joke, because he’s gotten so big.
    But Is it just me or does it look like he is a giant compared to the scale and container on the wall? I think it’s the angle of the photo but lord I thought you had copy and pasted that kid into some kind of “doll house doctor’s office”.

    LOL ok, maybe it’s the cough meds.

    Have a great weekend with Heidi. Miss you guys!

  6. wow… He’s such a big boy now. I know you are proud as punch. I wish that I could see you guys. He seems so happy and so do you. Mommyhood rocks with a capital “R”.

    Oh gotta go, Landyn is almost finished with my “lunch” that she made in her kitchen. Gracie’s asleep in the swing.


    ps… tell Heidi I said “Hi”…and you guys have fun.

  7. Could these pictures be any cuter?!

    My personal fave is that his clothes are perfectly stacked in size order on the table 🙂

  8. I can’t believe how happy he is to be at the doctor’s. Unfortunately, Clara has been to the doctor’s 3 times in the last 2 weeks. She now starts crying the moment we walk in the door. We’ve had vomiting, pink eye, and now a pink eye-ear infection combo. I can’t even blame day care as we were out of daycare last week. Nathan looks great! Toddlers are so much fun (despite the illnesses)!

  9. I LOVE the way his belly flubs over his diaper! He is so adorable in these pictures! Okay, he’s adorable all the time – but these shots are great! He’s so please with himself!

    Evan didn’t walk until 2 days before his 1st birthday – Brody was walking at 8 months. Each kid is different and does things that are most important to them first. It’s just how it goes. 🙂

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