CUYMH: 1.2

It’s January now and I am sort of finished with December’s challenge. 
Clean up your messy family/living room.  

Peter said not to buy anything, he told us to just sort and organize which I did.  I purged many toys and books and went through our DVD collection.  There is a large pile to sell and a larger pile to pass down to hypothetical baby #2.  But after doing all of that the family room still looked bad.  Really bad.   Is there a way to organize plastic in an assortment of primary colors in an ascetically pleasing way?  I still don’t know but I was sure that this was not going to do.

Family room after purging and organizing.  See?  Mess!

Heap o'toys

This was taken after I sorted, and also after Christmas which rained down on the boy.    This is truly as good as it could get.  I moved somethings to the main floor and most of his books and all of his stuffed toys are in his room.  I had to do something.   I broke the “rule” and spent some money.   Again, I don’t care.   Rules are meant to be broken, no?  And all of those people who won and had their homes organized by Peter himself got huge makeovers with tons of new things.  So, there!  (she justifies to herself.)

This sure isn’t winning any design awards.  I realize that, however, a kid does live here and he has a lot of crap.  Organized crap is better than well, a pile of, oh you know.   I will shut up and show you the after.

Toys cubed

Not cute but better.  There are a few things that we stash around the corner and out of sight after he goes to bed so we can try and turn the room back into somewhat of a grown up space.  (see wine glass in bottom right of photo- hehe)  And while it is clearly a toy room within a family room, this is a bit more liveable for us all. 

An interesting happening is that now that Nate can see all of his toys he isn’t making as big a mess.   No bin to upend to find a book, its all in plain sight.   He is even putting things away on his own.   Huge bonus!

I am not done with the home office part of this challenge.  I am hating that part to be honest.  It is SO boring!  The files and the receipts and blah, blah, blah!  It’s too late to tackle “today”  but it is on my list.   I am hoping that this room is revisited in a future month, when I come in here and try to start I wonder what I was thinking.  Gah!


5 thoughts on “CUYMH: 1.2

  1. You are wrong; the new set up is very cute! I love the cubby holes. We have cloth bins in Kara’s room and in our living room for most of her toys and books. The stuff that’s too big for them just sit around, but there’s not that much of it, so we aren’t in cubby hole territory just yet.

    Also, if we were neighbors, I would love to reorganize your office.

    What’s January’s challenge?

  2. I don’t know the January task yet, I am hoping the newsletter comes this week.
    If we were neighbors I would gladly invite you in for some help with the office. More so I’d love to nibble on Kara and watch her and Nate together. That would be a fun play date.

  3. Sometimes you just have to buy something to store things in! We are currently using a bookshelf in AJU5s room, but we may do something different in the future.

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