My Word

I have been thinking of resolutions for the last couple weeks when a post popped up in my Google Reader that was about choosing one word to focus  your energy on in 2009.   A resolution of sorts but concise. 

After spending days making a list of possible words I let it stew a bit and have made my choice.  My word for the year is Today.

Today is a simple word.  I’m a procrastinator, a good one.  I remember a magnet on the fridge at my friends house that read “why do today what I can put off until tomorrow.”  I loved that magnet.  I was in first grade.  I always do the good stuff today but the good stuff is rarely the stuff that needs doing.  I put off all kinds of things big and small.   From cleaning to shopping to vacuuming the car to finding a group for Nate.

This year it ends.  Today!  Today I picked up a Columbus Parent magazine and choose a group for Nate.  Today I took down the tree and swept up it’s mess.  Today I sorted the decorations I don’t want anymore.  Today we took Nate to the science center.  I feel good about this word and also like that it allows for some slippage.  It’s not a hard fast list of rules for me to follow.   I’m not always going to do the laundry right away and I will be prone to skip a workout here and there.  But, having this word on my mind and posted at my desk will remind me that this is worth working on. 

I hope it will get me moving on days when I am feeling lazy.  Today I will run, Today I will read a new book to Nathan.  Today I will knit instead of watch TV.   Today I will …..  you get the picture.

I don’t feel like I’m setting myself up for any sort of failure with this word choosing.   It’s not exact.  Loose 5 lbs.  Eat 4 servings of veggies a day.  It’s gentler than that.  It’s a reminder to do better and do more, today.  I find that days pass me by and I wonder what I accomplished when I had plenty to do.  I hope this sets me in the right direction.

Right now my plan is to get up early to workout and shower before Nate gets up so when he takes his 2 hour nap I have more options.  I can do chores, scrapbook, talk on the phone, read, veg out with TiVo.  This will give me more flexibilityin my days and I will get more done simply by getting an earlier start.   In addition to that we will go to Story Time and to the toddler class once per week so Nate has his own activity with other kids two times a week.  He needs this!  I don’t care so much about meeting people in this way but he needs to be around other kids and I have been putting this off for 15 months.  Today I put him on my schedule.  I think this will help keep me on it as well.

So, that is my word, these are my plans.  Happy 2009 to you all.


3 thoughts on “My Word

  1. I love it! That is such a good motivator! I have the same resolutions every damn year cause I never stick to them! Mine is simpler this year too. Have a date night with the the Mr. once a month. I think that is doable (only 12 times a year, not something daily!) and it will be good for us to get out!

    YAY for the baby class! Nate will have SO MUCH FUN! Where are you taking him?

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