Well it’s over.   All of the decorating, planning, shopping, cooking, eating, eating, and eating.   How was it, did you have a good time?

We did.  It was a fantastic Christmas.  Nathan is of course too young to really get it but that didn’t stop us from acting like he did.  We stuffed the stockings, put out the toys and sprung from bed at the first peep he made that morning.   He pulled on the wrapping paper a few times but didn’t ever dive right in.  Possibly from being told not to for two weeks prior.  We unwrapped everything very slowly, trying to allow him to play with things in between.  This also allowed Mike and I to open our gifts from each other while he was busy.  After a few hours of this we put him down for his nap and I made breakfast. 

Later in the afternoon we headed to “the co-workers” for dinner.  It was nice and the dinner was great.  I took all day Wednesday to make my dessert talking my time to get it perfect and what happened?   I didn’t realize how long it would take to eat and for it to be dessert time.  It was a good hour before we began the first course, and there were many (one including cheese, fruit, bread and wine!)  I didn’t ask that the cake be refrigerated.  It collapsed, to put it gently.   I made a cake called Chocolate Rhapsody.  The bottom is a white cake with a light layer of fudge on top, and on top of that is a white chocolate raspberry mousse with a thicker layer of fudge on the top.   It is in a spring formpan, when I removed the sides at the dinner table the mousse oozed out all over the place.  We cut the cake and scooped the fallen mousse on the top.  It still tasted great but it was visual disaster.  I was so embarrassed. 

The rest of our weekend has been so nice.  Lots of hanging out at home, organizing the new toys, and shopping.  Shopping for kid crap organization and for the new bed and bedding.  Also, the weather has been spastic.  Yesterday was 70°!  We were out shopping without coats or hats or gloves or scarfs.  This global warming business is sort of scary when it can be below zero one week and hit 70 the next.

Tell me, how was your holiday?


This header/design is temporary.   Flickr is at the bottom of the page for now- you can find updated Christmas photos there.


One thought on “After

  1. Temporary or not, I love this design. Very nice. I’m also glad that your holidays were wonderful and, despite not looking so attractive, that your dessert went over well.
    What all did Nathan get for Christmas? And even more interesting, what did you get? Anything particularly special?

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