From the Ice Box

Because of the bitter temperature of the day (currently 6°) we are staying in.  I am up to here in my cookbooks planning our menu.

Little Helper

So far I have our breakfast and dinner planned but am stumped on the desserts.  I will ask for Mike’s help with that when he gets home later.


Baked french toast with apricot sauce, chicken sausage, fresh strawberries

Christmas Dinner

Pork tenderloin with blackberry mustard sauce, garlic green beans with pine nuts and twice baked potatoes. (Mike wants Ham- so the pork may get the boot- this could end up as our new year dinner dish)

I just can’t choose dessert!  I have way too many ideas and am sort of paralyzed by what to bring to the “Orphan X-Mas party”  what goes with a traditional Italian Stew (and what is that)  this is why I will let  Mike help.  Show him the ideas and let him choose.  I would ask you all to help but then I will get 10 different votes and freak out.  But Thanks, I know you would love to vote.  I will tell you which two win (one for home, one for the party) and if anything is pretty I may take pictures to share.   Though, it usually all tastes much better than it looks.

Hope you are all done shopping and can enjoy the excitement in the next few days without having to deal with parking lots and rude people and my word below 0 wind chills!


4 thoughts on “From the Ice Box

  1. First things first. I LOVE that Nate has flipped to the Oreo page. Second. I still think you should do the chocolate peanut butter banana cheesecake bars. See you in 16 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would ask your husband if anyone else is bringing a dessert or if yours is the only one. If it is the only one, I would go with a “safe” dessert but if there will be others I would be a little more creative!

  3. I love the picture of Nate! He’s such a cutie.
    I also agree with AJU5’s Mom. But I can’t wait to hear how everything goes and find out what exactly the menu turned out to be.
    Stay warm and have a Merry Christmas!

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