I have been thinking of what our Christmas day will consist of this week.  A day in Pj’s playing in the living room with the boy and his new toys, great meals and treats, a bottle of wine by the fire after the boy goes to bed.

Last night Mike comes home and tells me we have been invited to a co-workers house.  Christmas Day!   Who does that?  Okay, nice people obviously.  Who wants to spend a holiday with coworkers?  4th of July okay but Christmas?   He tells me that I have meet them both but I can’t place either of them.  He promises it will be nice.  I don’t doubt that it will be.   It’s another couple who don’t have any family near them.   This is really a very nice gesture, which is exactly why Mike felt he had to accept*.

I know it’s just the 3 of us and that Nate won’t ever remember this day but it is our first Christmas as a family (alone) and this is not what I had in mind.  Add to it that I’m in charge of dessert. 

It could turn out to be a nice time but right now I’m a little bitter.  I don’t want to spend a holiday with strangers.  I want to spend it with my family, at home.


*He did ask me first and I said Okay-


6 thoughts on “Foiled

  1. I’m so sorry your plans were messed with. Hopefully it’ll turn out well though. Maybe you can do something Christmas Eve instead.

  2. 😦 I don’t blame you, that wouldn’t be my cup of tea either. Could you switch it to Christmas Eve maybe? Oh let me know if you need help with dessert ideas…I was pouring over my recipes today trying to decide! Call me soon!

  3. Oh you are WAY nicer than me… No way would I want to spend Christmas Day with people I don’t know well. I barely like it when my siblings bring thier new beaus….

    Call me Scrooge.

  4. i’m with lizzy. that blows. but i guess try to make the most of it? it might be fun? hope you have a GREAT christmas. i’ll still be checking my email, etc. while i’m away so keep in touch and we need to get together in the new year!

  5. I would feel the same way. Hopefully it all goes well, and who knows? Maybe you’ll score some good friends out of this!

    Now, what are you bringing for dessert?

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