10 days!

Am I the only one who woke up this morning and noticed that Christmas is next week?  Next week!

We are staying home this year, only the second time I have been away from my family for Christmas/Hanukkah (we do both) and I’m a mixed bag over it all.    Since most of our siblings have kids now we are all pulling away from the Christmas Day gatherings.  So now we get to stay home and create our own traditions and find out what we want them to be.  This year will be a dry run of sorts.  So far Mike has a few things he wants, large Santa gift for Nate put together and in plain view on Christmas morning.  He also wants a big breakfast and a bigger dinner.     I want to open one gift on Christmas eve and I want that gift to be Christmas PJ’s.  He thinks that is lame but I don’t care.  I want the boy in cute jammies for pictures.  If I have to cook 2 large meals in one day the boy is getting jammies.

I have a load to do this week.  Its not even really because of Christmas either.  It’s mostly because I’m getting back into planning my days.  Writing down things that are must do’s.  I wasn’t really doing this for a few months but I am finding that nap time is getting away from me if I don’t have a plan.   Putting down everything I want to accomplish keeps me on task.  Writing down vacuum stairs,  workout 3 times,  2 new scrapbook pages, finish journaling on Month 4&5, finish Nate’s and Mike’s shopping, wrap gifts, start planning Christmas meals… it looks like a lot when its really not.  I just have to get used to seeing my day on paper again.  I know this is key in getting a shower on some days so I don’t just curl up on the couch with the TiVo.

What are you guys up to this week?  Are you all ready for the Holidays or are you running around like mad?  Also, I’d love to hear your family traditions if you’d like to share.


13 thoughts on “10 days!

  1. FG and I open a present on Christmas Eve. We each choose a small one to give to each other. The kids get enough from MIL that night that they don’t open any from us. Though I did get them both some new Jammies and may let them open them even though they aren’t Christmas Jammies (things change when they get a bit older – DS’s pj pants have flames on them and DD’s pj’s are cupcakes).
    We stay home on Christmas morning even though all of our parents live here. Everyone is welcome to come over – AFTER we’ve had our own morning. I make brunch (all make ahead stuff and throw in the oven while we open gifts) and lots of family and some friends stop by to see what Santa brought and enjoy some brunch.
    Also, since we don’t have a chimney, we have a special key for Santa that the kids and I hang out each Christmas Eve before they climb into bed. Santa is the only one who can open our door with that special key. They both got very excited when I pulled it out of the box this year. Though I don’t know how much longer DS will really believe in Santa. At almost 8, he’s hearing things from other kids. 😦

  2. We are doing Christmas with Michael’s family this weekend, Christmas eve with my mom and Christmas lunch with my dad. I’m excited to start our own family traditions Christmas morning. I think we are going to make pancakes and watch a Chrismas movie after we open presents!

  3. No, you’re NOT the only one that had the OMG -there’s-only-10-days-til-Christmas epiphany this morning. I got to work and looked at the calendar and it started to sink in. This could be a problem, since in my head, I’m still planning to make gifts for people. I have the greatest of intentions…now if I could only get my butt off the couch and get something accomplished!!

  4. I love the jammies idea. Really cute!

    Christmas kind of snuck up on us this year, didn’t it? I need to finish shopping and wrapping. We did pictures with Santa last night though, so I am really feeling in the spirit of the season now.

  5. The boys and I are leaving for Canada to spend Christmas with my family. When we were little, we used to open gifts on Christmas Eve (it’s a german thing) but now that there are grandkids involved, everyone waits until Christmas morning and it ROCKS! We’ll have a big lazy day and then up early for shopping on the 26th. It’s good! By the way, Brody turned 6 today!

  6. This is the least prepared I have EVER been. I still have shopping to do and I have not baked a thing. My parents are here as we speak and I have to finish shopping and wrapping everything I have to send back with them like…tomorrow! We have not planned Christmas meals or what we are doing Christmas Eve or anything. I feel overwhlemed but there is also so much to enjoy with a 3 year old for Xmas (seriously…it is SO AWESOME this year) that I am not that stressed about it. It has really been a challenge to get anything done though. I can’t sneak presents by Alice anymore, and Blythe hates being confined in a stroller or cart, so its not like I can go do marathon shopping that I need to do. Add to that all our little weekly activities and I have not had time to get out. I should have enrolled A in preschool just for December…HA! I went on Sunday by myself to get the girls presents. I totally missed you!!! It was very lonely and boring. But efficient I guess. Yeah, sorry I am writing a book, but no I am not ready and yes we are running around with heads cut off, but loving it. I am so excited!!!!

  7. Oh I forgot the traditions part! Well ever since we have been staying here all by ourself, it has been fantastic! So, Christmas Eve, we usually get together with friends (whoever is staying in town), eat a bunch, Sean thinks it is an official Party holiday, such as St. Patrick’s and drinks too much, we get home and I threaten to divorce him bc he is no help in setting out the SAnta presents and all that. Then Christmas morning we are all happy again and we have some fantastic breakfast (Vanilla french toast, pumpkin/cranberry waffles, etc) and homemade hot cocoa, then we open presents. The past 2 years Alice pores over every gift and must open and play with it immediately so it takes like 6 hours to open presents. By the time we are done, it is dinnertime. We usually have ham, gruyere au gratin potatoes, green beans, and deviled eggs and some over the top dessert. I am thinking of this cheesecake stuffed chocolate cake this year, OMG. Also, this is the first time in 4 years I have not been pregnant or nursing so we are making Hot Buttered Rums. HALLELUJAH!

  8. Well since Andy and I are spending our first christmas together, this will be the first christmas eve I haven’t spent the night with my parents. (I know i’m a dork). I am looking forward to starting our own traditions and I’m not quite sure what they will consist of but I know between his family and mine, there will be tons of eating. Miss you guys….

    Much love from NC…

  9. We do the jammie thing too – don’t listen to Mike! We are having only our second Christmas home this year, too, and I’ve got to say I love it. We got the Elf on the Shelf this year, and that’s been really fun though not really an effective behavior modification tool. I’m not sure what we’ll do about meals yet, just probably something big on Christmas Eve.

  10. Laura – I want to come to your house for Christmas. Vanilla french toast?? I’m there! Gruyere au gratin potatoes AND deviled eggs?? Holy cow, it’s like heaven. Just let me know what time to be there 😉

  11. Well, this is our first married people’s Christmas so we have no traditions. 😦 But, I feel the need to make some! I love everyone’s ideas.

    We are doing Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my parents and then Christmas afternoon/dinner with Jeff’s parents. I love that we both get to have our “traditional” Christmases with our families.

  12. auntie-it is so fabulous because we only have to cook for ourselves, not a big huge meal for 20 people, you know? So we do it up! In the dining room on the fine china with candles…so awesome!

  13. Luke’s parents might come down on the afternoon of Christmas, and we’ll definitely see them the day after to celebrate with Luke’s brother’s family. My family is talking about coming down that weekend after Christmas, but on Christmas Eve and at least Christmas morning, it will be just us. We don’t have any official traditions yet. I guess Luke and I should talk about that!

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