I have two things I wanted to ask you all about.  One is about Nate, the other about Christmas.

Nate:  I have a motherhood dilemma on my hands.   I have turned on Jack’s Big Music Show at 9am for months now.  We play on the floor and the show is on playing music and we go on about stacking blocks.  Now he isn’t playing.  He is watching now, playing on and off and glued to the TV.  It’s 20 minutes and it’s on Noggin, do I turn it off or shake it off?  I know the rule is no TV until 2 but seriously? 

Mike/Christmas:  My dear husband has requested the most boring things for himself and left me room for some surprises.  When someone asks for something do you automatically get it for them or get what you want?  I mean this stuff is lame-o and we can afford for him to get this stuff any day of the week so why for Christmas?  I have a feeling he just doesn’t want to do the shopping for his own things so if they are gifts I do the shopping? 


A very sad update on the bedroom makeover.  Since our dog required a blood transfusion, an emergency surgery and 3 days in the doggy hospital this is in a holding pattern for now.  We are live within our means people and this took a considerable chunk of money.  Right now we think we may go in stages.  Bed first, then dressers, nightstands, etc.  Spread it out a bit while we put back the money we used on the dog.   I will be sure to keep you posted as we move forward.   Saving your pets life is always the most important but damnit, I was really excited for our bedroom.


11 thoughts on “Suggestions?

  1. On the TV thing.. we do the same with Tony. He watches Blue’s Clues and Curious George every morning. I felt bad about it at first, but that’s literally the only tv he gets. We usually don’t even turn the tv on in the evenings until he’s been in bed awhile.

  2. I think he’s probably okay watching tv for just that short amount of time. . .

    I’m with you on the everyday Christmas presents. Every year my mom suggests socks or t-shirts for my dad and she gets him jeans or something. I’m always thinking it must not be very exciting for him so I try to find something fun for him!

  3. The same thing happened to us when we were redoing our bedroom. We ended up having to buy a piece here and there and then they discontinued it!! I was so mad. I still haven’t been able to find the few pieces that are left that I want. If you are good at saving you may want to wait until you have enough for all of it so the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

  4. Jillian LOVES Jack’s Big Music Show. Since it is on after we leave the house I TiVo it and she watches it the next morning while I get ready for work. If she didn’t watch it there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD I would be able to get ready for work. I think as long as you limit the amount of TV and he isn’t watching it all day everyday it’s fine. Jillian also loves CMT, our babysitter has it on some and they sing and dance to it.

    As for Christmas I always get a few of the practical things Michael wants and then also get a surprise or two! This year pretty much all his Christmas is one thing, a PSP. It’s a surprise. Since he works nights a lot and there is a lot of down time he is always playing games on his cell phone and kills the battery, I thought a PSP would be a good alternative when he is sitting in his truck with nothing to do!

  5. TV is so different now, than we were kids. Everything about noggin is for learning… plus, there are times when mommy needs a freakin break already!

    What I did notice was that my boys only paid attention for a short period of time anyway – so it never became a big deal. They would watch for 3 minutes, play for 45 – watch for 3 more. Now.. the baby einstein dvd’s held them captive for hours! They still love those DVD’s and Brody will be 6 on Monday (gasp!). It’s up to your discretion and phooey on what other folks say.

  6. I do the same thing as Jamie. I’ll get Jeff a couple of the random things he asked for because I think if they make enough of an effort to tell you what they want, you should probably get some of it, you know?

    After that, I just get what I think he REALLY wants! Sometimes things go back after the holidays if I am wrong, but at least I made the effort 🙂

  7. I don’t think TV helps kids learn, necessarily, but I really don’t think it hinders them either. And at the age our kids are now, I think it’s the colorful images and movement that captivates them. A few months ago Charlotte watched the TV much more closely than she does now, and I really think it was a phase. Now she prefers her toys even though some days she’ll watch the tv more than others.
    And for the Christmas question… I’m one of those boring-gift-requesters too, and usually I ask for the boring things because I can’t think of anything better. At least they’re starting points, you know? In my family we usually just tried to get the person what they asked for, and then maybe something a little more exciting that we think they’ll like. (Makes me wonder if I’ll get my new ceiling fan that I asked for…)

  8. Meh… that short of time should be fine. Besides, Jack’s Big Music Show is Great for Dancing!!!

    Get the boy something cool, practical is no fun at all. Besides if it is stuff you would buy anyways those should not be Christmas presants. That’s like asking for underwear for Xmas.

  9. I’d say get him a couple things off his boring list & then a couple things that you pick out that are fun. My family has always been fairly practical when it comes to gifts, so it’s hard for me to go completely down the impractical road, but this seems like a good compromise.

  10. I’m so boring! I like to get people what they want because I like to get what I want. My husband likes to surprise me, but for once I just wish he’d buy me the shoes I asked for even if they’re not fun for him to buy. But throw in a surprise or two with the other gifts he likes. perhaps? Again, I’m boring, I know!

    (I’m also big on activities as gifts: sporting tickets, night at a hotel, dinner out, etc.)

  11. We watch Jacks Big Music Show too! Travis is 1.5 now and will dance and play on his little instruments during the show, which, yes, he is watching almost the whole show now too. But I figure, if I’m there watching it with him and he’s learning to play his instruments along with the show…it can’t be all bad!! Now, Yo Gabba Gabba…I’m hating that he is showing an interest in this one. Good morals, but I’m having Barney zombie babysitter flashbacks here.

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