Task 1- Clean Up Your Messy House

Last week I received my December task email from Peter Walsh.   Keeping the Holiday season in mind and the common influx of visitors you can have this time of year he wants us to tackle our family/living rooms.    You are not allowed to spend any money, just work the categories.  Toss, donate, sell and keep.

I have both a family and a living room.  The living room took about 2 minutes.  I took out the old catalogues in the end table and recycled them and took a toy bin out of a cupboard and moved it into the basement to add to the family room heap.  The family room is the work for me this month.  I went through the DVD’s and VHS tapes and cleaned out the drawer in the coffee table.   Then I sorted ruthlessly through Nate’s toys.   He has a lot of duplicates so I kept what he loves the most out and put the others in the sell pile.  

The task this month includes your home office (if it is in the family space) my desk and crap that go along with it are on the other side of the family room in the basement that is seperated by a half wall.  I decided that this counts (though we have a den as well so I am hoping that this room comes up at some point)   Peter told us not to go shopping but I did buy some file folders, I am not apologizing for breaking the rule over $5 when they were needed.  

I have been working on this part for days.  Getting the house files in order is a huge task.  I mean how many 401k packs do you get?  I have two plans and Mike has one.  This equals one mass of paper that needs to be sorted through since half of what is in the pack is disposable.    The major deal is that Mike and I keep separate files in different locations, I  want to merge everything and keep it all together.  Oh what fun!

The other job is my scrapbook supplies.  I am not buying anything for  this right now but I have asked for a few organization items for Christmas.    Until now this was sort of organized but the more and more I buy the more it was getting out of hand.  Right now I have piles by category.   Abc’ stickers,  other stickers,  punches, clear stamps, ribbon, pens, adhesives, other tools,  chip board, paints, etc.  There are a lot of piles! 

This is really important to me.   I have a need to be creative.   When this stuff is all collecting in a closet I am not looking at it planning projects or pages.  When it takes 6 trips up and down the stairs to get it out just to start, I don’t start.  My longer term goal here is to create a permanent space for this.  I had plans for it a while ago but that part of our house is now our gym.  I am doing a lot of brain storming and space planning.   For now though I will stick with my assignment and keep sorting and tossing in this room until order is achieved. 

This is Month 2 and I don’t feel “lighter” yet.   Probably because the stuff is still in the house.  So much of what I weeded out in month one was baby items that are being held on to for #2.  More stuff in the basement. As of now the donate pile is doing just fine an I have a pick up next week for that but the sell pile is just more crap in the storage area.    That looks worse now so I don’t really feel like I am getting anywhere overall.    There are 4 months to go and lots of work, I have faith in the process and will stick with it. 

How are you all doing?  Is anyone else doing this?


3 thoughts on “Task 1- Clean Up Your Messy House

  1. I had no idea such a person existed but I am looking him up right now. I need help cleaning up my house (I am SOOO not a housekeeper!) and this sounds really great.
    I hope your cleaning goes well! Sounds like you’re off to a great start.
    Do you hold yard sales to get rid of Nate’s old things or do you donate them? Are you keeping any of them for when #2 comes along? That’s part of my dilemma right now–to keep or not to keep?

  2. Vic- its all on Oprah.com. Click on the “clean it up” tag at the bottom of my post there is a link to the info page.
    In terms of what I am keeping and what I am donating. I am keeping most everything. Espicially the big stuff, car seat, swing, papasan chair etc. Things that would be silly to get rid of just to buy again later. The things I am selling or donating are hand me down clothes that he never got the chance to wear becuase the seasons didnt line up, duplicate toys or toys that he never cared for. A few other things I didnt like, a sling I never liked to wear, un opened pacificers, diapers he grew out of mid box, stuff like that. I am trying to be selective so I dont have way too much. But it is hard to know what you will want or need (#2 could be a girl and I have 468 lbs of boy clothes)but I have the space so I am doing what I can now but after #2 is Nates age this stuff is OUT OF HERE. 🙂
    In the mean time I plan on having a yard sale in the spring.

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