I enjoy being a Girl

I meet a few friends at the Mall this morning for a healthy happy hour at our local Origins store.  After a cranky Friday and a hard night with the teething booger I was so ready for a little pampering. 

Carrie dropped  her business card in a bowl at the store a while back and won this little party for 4.   We arrived at the store and waited a few minutes, all of us looking around wondering where the girl was.  “The Girl.”  You go into a store that sells beauty products and makeup, your having a facial and your makeup done, you look around the store and there are two guys.  Two young guys.   You notice that they have nice skin.   Then you learn that they are it, they are giving you facials and applying your foundation.  You (me) start getting paranoid about not waxing your lip, girls don’t care, guys will notice.

We had a blast.  Yeah the boys were young, yes it was a little strange at first but they both had a great since of humor and did know what they were talking about.  I learned a little about my skin and actually got my questions answered.  Call me what you will but I didn’t think that a guy could tell me if I had dry skin or if I was over exfoliating (the latter) if there was such a thing as Nair but with natural ingredients that wouldn’t anger my skin (no) and if my foundation was the culprit of dry looking skin (yes) or if it was the exfoliating (both but new foundation was purchased.)   I leaned why eye cream is necessary rather than just using face lotion all over.  I loved being able to try products and choose what to buy based on using them rather than hoping that you grabbed the right shade of Cover Girl knowing that if you didn’t you are stuck with it.   

After we finished our  Happy (multiple) Hour we headed outside to go to lunch.   It was snowing  hard and freezing cold.  At first I didn’t care, it felt like Christmas and what a fun day.  Yay!   Then after we finished eating and had to walk to two stores I was dying of cold.  The wind had kicked up and I of course wasn’t really dressed appropriately.  Even though I knew the storm was coming.  Will I ever learn and just wear a hat and my warm boots?  Hat hair, ya know?

These women are all new in my life but I tell you what,  they came just at the right time.  There is something completely renewing about spending a few hours with girls, being girls.  I was excited to see both of my boys by the time I made it home. I was ready to put my wife/mom hat back on and make dinner and hang out at home rather than feel the walls caving in on me.   I also appreciated that it was 2:45pm and Nate was dressed but Mike was still in his PJ’s.  I just smiled to myself because, exactly!


7 thoughts on “I enjoy being a Girl

  1. YAY!!! I love the last sentence, hahahaha, there is nothing better than a little validation from your better half. 🙂 Glad you are having Girl fun w/Carrie!!! (and just a teeny bit jealous bc I was home with sick kids and sick myself all day!)

  2. Ok first things first! I clicked on your page, then left it and came back because this was NOT your page?? I like it 🙂 Change is fun! Feels so Christmasy! Second- YEAH for your girls day! I am so happy that you have finally found fun girls! Third, Love that Mike was in his jammies… because as you put it “exactly” 🙂 Fourth… LOOK AT WHERE YOU LIVE… Hat hair is ok… WHERE A HAT!!!

  3. glad you had fun. it was a blast! although the main thing i got out of yesterday was that i am now way more aware of my fine lines and creases all over my face due to the corpse-like powdering that thomas did. ugh. i went and got some stuff at target so we’ll see. i refuse to embrace the aging process. oh, and i did that charcoal mask. holy dry my skin out! i mean, it felt good but i had to slather on the moisturizer afterward. layer upon layer.

  4. I love the way your page looks for Christmas, so festive!

    Also, I totally agree about how refreshing a day with the girls can be. Two girlfriends came over yesterday. We just hung out and baked cookies, but it was great!

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