On getting what you ask for

I have always wanted boys.   When the ready light bulb went off in my head it was blue.  Boy! Boy! Boy!

Nathan took a wonderful afternoon nap, nearly 3 hours.  We Mom’s are willing to pay cash for such precious time.  When he woke up he was chatting merrily so I took my time getting to him.  When I came in he was all smiles. I notice a funny spot on the carpet but he is so cute I over look it.  We went about our normal after nap conversation and I peaked down to get a glimpse of his chubby thighs.   The boy naps sans pants.  Who sleeps well in jeans?  I am greeted with little boy parts.  I giggle, and ask where he put his diaper.   It’s in a heap at the other end of the crib, dry as a bone.   I lift him out and carry him to the change table and we are discussing how he managed to unsnap his onesie and remove his diaper.  He is dry and clean but I notice that his undershirt is wet when I go to snap it.   New outfit, no big deal we are going out to dinner in an hour anyway.

I plop him on the floor to play and step in a wet spot.  Hmm, yeah that is Pee.  Oh, yeah, so is that.  I inspect his sheets, dry.  Then I see some droplets on the bars of the crib, pee.  Upon further investigation it would appear that this BOY of mine stood up, pointed between the bars and took a leak.  His bumper and crib skirt are both wet as well.   This is sort of hilarious especially since I know that this is the least offensive encounter of my tour de Mom, my first yes but pee is not vomit or crap.  I am so glad it was just pee! I am not so naive that I don’t expect there to be much worse waiting around some surprise corner.

Ahhhh, boys.  They are so disgusting.


10 thoughts on “On getting what you ask for

  1. Oh that also reminds me…BEWARE. When my nephew Jack first got out of diapers, he was obsessed with watching himself pee in the mirror. The full length one in my sister’s bedroom. 🙂

  2. My Nate managed to take off his diaper last month by himself and he peed all over his crib. I wish he’d have aimed for the floor, it would have been an easier to clean up.

  3. Yes…all boy indeed. Just wait until they take aim at other things, like collaborate with other boys in the boys bathroom….and think it’s fun to pee on each others feet. Yes, we had our own pee incident today as well! I can only imagine what will happen when we get all these boy cousins together….lord help us!

  4. HA HA HA HA HA. I am laughing hysterically… and my coworkers are wondering what’s wrong… Quick, I need an alibi!
    I’ll tell my sister what she has to look forward to with her little boy!

  5. YES! Boys are disgusting! Evan peed on me everyday for the first 6 months of his life. Now, they are all about the poop, fart, butt and pee pee jokes. It never ends.

  6. I know I’m a little late responding but I’m just now getting over my laughing spell! So far we’ve only had one incident like this, and it was my own fault. Let’s just say, she pees like a man. 😦
    Boys are so much fun. You’ll have to remember this story and embarrass him in front of his fiancee and future in-laws one day.

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