And suddenly it’s Wednesday

Oh hi!  Yeah, yeah, we got home Sunday night and I have been meaning to write but just never decided where to start.  Open letter to Air Tran (SUCK IT) the amazing trip or my intense motivation that has kept me away from my desk for days on end, how great Bruno is doing.   We are settled in and I have lots to talk about and a few pictures to share but I’m not ready to dive back in yet.  I am up to my eyeballs with getting ready for the holiday and working on the latest challenge of the clean up your messy house while decorating and doing laundry squeezing in workouts and showers and I just cant sit still long enough to get a post together.   Hang in there another day or so as I am bound to run out of energy and then I will get my thoughts organized.  I also promise that I will update the fall header soon, too!  Gah, all that orange is getting on my nerves.  It’s December!

Hope everyone had a tasty Thanksgiving!


One thought on “And suddenly it’s Wednesday

  1. Looking forward to the pictures and the filling-in. Hope the decorating and cleaning and everything goes smoothly.

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