Much Better

The weekend provided some much needed relief!   My friends arrived Friday evening and we sat around drinking wine and catching up.  We had a great night, the highlight of which was when Mike found dance classes on demand and tried learning various dance moves.  That my friends is fun for the whole family.

Saturday Bruno came home and after I held him and snuggled for a while Mike and Nate kept him company while the girls and I went and got pedicures had lunch, did some shopping and of course, went to Starbucks.  We had a little get together on Saturday night with a few other friends coming over for dinner.   Sunday after everyone had headed home I took a 2 hour nap!  Perfect weekend! 

Now I am getting ready for our trip.  We have a lot to do.  I have to pick up my curtain’s, get the boy a haircut, do a little food shopping, get the dog stuff in order for boarding with all of the drug instructions, pack and then get the house ready.  You know my brand of crazy, getting the house ready means spotless and beds made so we can come home to peace.

I am really looking forward to this trip.  I haven’t been to visit my Dad in 3 years, he has been here countless times.  It is way past our turn.  It is so cold here, raining today and snowing the next two.  We are flying into perfect mid 70’s.    Family, good food and sunshine.    Ahhhhhh!  Friday Sue and I will go shopping for a bit and Mike Dad and Nate will hang out.  On Saturday night we are leaving Nate with a “sitter” (my step sister) for the first time!  We are going to Universal Studios to see the Blue Man Group with Dad and S-Mom.  I am so dang excited!  I’m going to wear heels and carry a bag that does not contain a Thomas the train or diaper or baby spoon.   If we can squeeze it in we want to take the kid to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  We have been there before and it is much less crazy than say Epcot and a little more like a large interactive zoo which is better for a 1 year old than a bunch of rides that he cant go on.  So yeah, I’m excited!

So tell me what you guys are doing for Turkey Day!  Big plans, lots of relaxing, crazy black Friday shopping?


3 thoughts on “Much Better

  1. Busy!! Thanksgiving dinner on Wedneday (sigh. . . it’ll have to do), Austin on Thursday for football, then south Texas on Friday.

    All this traveling with a four month old. . . I hope it goes smoothly!!

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. that’s awesome! have a wonderful trip and we’ll catch up when we both get back into town. (practice your knitting! ha!)

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