Puppy Down

I haven’t gone into detail about Bruno’s symptoms for two reasons.  One your probably not interested, two, I don’t like to tempt fate.  I was so sure he was doing better yesterday but I am wrong.

He’s been sick for 5 days now, maybe 6.  Saturday he yakked twice (curtain incident) Sunday, twice but no more since then.  He wont eat, he sleeps all day long.  If he is up he is standing in one place not moving with his chin nearly on the ground.  It takes him several minutes to make it up and down the stairs taking a rest on the landing for either direction.  Despite the fact that he has had about 2.5 meals over the course of 4 days he looks bloated.  His breathing seems labored (though he is a bulldog- I could be reaching) he is not well.   

The stupid thing is that I didn’t want to take him into the vet.  Over the past 8 years we have dumped thousands into this dog probably 10 thousand by now.  Broken toe,  surgeries, heat stroke to name a few.   8 times out of 10 the dog is fine and we drop several hundred to be told so.   We are a little more seasoned at this point and are getting better at waiting him out rather than take him in at the first sign of a limp.  But now I am worried that this was the wrong time to wait it out.  I don’t know if dogs can get a “bug” but that’s what I told myself on Monday.  He seemed hung over. Now it’s Thursday and he still won’t eat and is hardly mobile (we have been lifting him onto the couch) I am really worried. 

He has a check up in a few hours.  Wish us luck.


3 thoughts on “Puppy Down

  1. man… from whay you said, he sounded like he had the flue 😦 I am so sorry… I hope that he is ok. PLEASE call me when you are home and settled. I dont want to chance waking Nate up… Good luck.

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