Bad News Bears

 So, we got to visit him.  He is so skinny but already looks better.  He has a very long incision but still stood up when he heard my voice- sweet boy.  He is doing very well, considering.  We are on a 48 hour watch for any toxic sock that can result when a organ strangulates it self and also for any blood clots.  Both are possible but I really believe that he made it this far and he will be just fine.  We may get to bring him home as early as Saturday afternoon but we have to wait and see.  Apparently this sort of thing is extremely rare, like 1 in 100,000 dogs!  We got to see the spleen and it was the size of a gallon ziplock bag and weighed 3.5 lbs.  Crazy.  She also said that we brought him in just in the nick of time, he would have died before morning he was bleeding internally so rapidly.   I don’t know how to express my feelings at this point.   When Mike dropped the blood off this afternoon (they made us pick it up from the vet school so they could get the surgery started asap)  they told Mike they were already experiencing complications.   We were already mourning him.  I told him goodbye.  And yet, here  he is.  Mr Bruno MoneyPIt.  I’m so incredibly happy and so very, very tired.    I cant wait to have him back.


 He made it!  It was a little different scenario once they got in there.  His spleen had twisted it self multiple times so the blood was backing up and seeping out.  No mass on it, no cancer.  They did remove it since he doesn’t need it.  All of his organs look healthy.  He is undergoing the blood transfusion now and we should be able to go see him in a few hours.  He isn’t out of the woods yet but its looking much better than we anticipated.  Thanks for you so much for your kind words. To say it’s been a horrible day would be an understatement.


Its bad, about as bad as we could have imagined.  His spleen is enlarged and has a giant mass growing on it which is bleeding.   His blood volume is less than half of what it should be because of the bleed.   He is having a blood transfusion and his spleen removed (as I type) we are hopeful but it doesn’t look good.  The mass could be cancer and if it is it is most likely spread throughout his body.  Because of the low level of blood there is a high risk that he wont survive the surgery.  Best case they remove the spleen and he is okay.  We cant expect to have our regular old dog back…. I don’t know what to expect but I don’t have a good feeling.   The surgery is about 90 minutes.  Will know more in a bit.


10 thoughts on “Bad News Bears

  1. Yay Bruno!!! Ya gotta keep ya head up!

    NC peeps in da hooouuuuse SOON!

    (ok that was a horrible rendition of an old 2Pac song)

  2. that’s great news. i hope he has a quick recovery. give him lots o hugs and biscuits from me and beck! you poor thing. deep breaths.

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