another day in paradise

Okay, Nate wins.  My mouth is killing me.  I knew that having work done and a cleaning in the same day was a lot but, ugh, ouch.

Today started early.  Again.  Nathan has been waking up around 5 for about 2 weeks.  I don’t get him up because he goes back to sleep after just a few minutes of cooing, then he is ready to get up around 7.  7 is fine, I can do 7 but when he wakes me up at 5 I can’t go back to sleep.  Mike gets up to work out and I can hear the tv (blaring!) and the treadmill and then the cat wants to be fed and it’s over.  I’m awake.  Oh well, you cant make a kid sleep.   I cant go to bed any earlier, I try all the time but I am just not ready to sleep  until 10:30.   Really none of this is worthy of sympathy or of my complaining.  I think the issue is really the crankiness of the boy because of  his teeth and because he is getting  up earlier and only napping once per day, my day is longer.   Once they pop I hope he is feeling better and we can have a few less tantrums.  You know, from me!

I made the day worse than it had to be.  I was egging the boy on to ham it up for the camera when I dropped it.  Lens first.  It’s a goner.  The shutter opens when you turn it off and closes when you turn it on.  I’m beyond angry about this.   I have wanted a new camera since about 23 minutes after we got this one but you must understand.  My husband, he is cheap.  I don’t want another crap camera, I want a good one and if I get a good one now its going to seriously affect the outcome of the bedroom Christmas plan.  BUT, I can’t be without a camera.  It is day 19 of 30 days of shoes!  I tried to use my camera phone but my phone-snapfish connection is failing and more importantly,  we are probably taking the kid to the Happiest Place on Earth* next week.  Can we go without documentation?  How will we prove to him that he was there and he was in fact Happy without a camera!  Will he believe us if its just a story without photos? I think not!  He will demand to go, again.  Which don’t tell him but Grandma and Grandpa live 40 minutes from said place of Happiness, he won’t even have to beg.  But that is beside the point!

Bad day.  I sure hope that tomorrow no ones mouth hurts, no dogs vomit and nothing gets ruined or broken.   I cant tell you how many times I have yelled “this is why we can’t have nice things!”  in the past 42 hours.


*Disney World- god help us.  God help Mike if he utters the words “disposable camera!”


4 thoughts on “another day in paradise

  1. BOO!!!! what a crappy day! man oh man. it totally sucks to be without a camera. i lost mine on the last day of a boston trip back in may and i was devastated. i waited till september to get a new one. had to just do it cuz i had another trip to document. you need DIGITAL pics of the happiest (yet most miserable) place on earth!

    hope both of your mouths are feeling better. fun weekend ahead at least.

  2. You need a digital camera because you don’t want to waste money on prints of bad pictures. Nate is likely to not behave for half (or more) of your attempts, so you need to be able to take as many as you wish…

  3. I’m sorry about the camera…tis sad yes BUT perhaps a visit from your NC peeps will help???

    See you soon

  4. Oh you can’t go to DW w/o a camera — ask for an early Christmas present from Mike 😉

    I did the exact same thing to my camera and I actually still have it on our mantle to remind me that forcing Oliver to do tricks for the camera will only end badly.


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