Debbie Downer

I have plenty to be happy about and some great things coming up to look forward too.  But, I am so overwhelmed and tired. 

The dog is sick.   I am watching him closely and giving him lots of attention.  He has been a little barfy which I didn’t think much of since he always is if he eats a little too much and Nate has been feeding him a lot in addition to him dumping his food on the floor which B cleans right up.  This is apparently more than that.  He is slow moving, not playful and this morning wouldn’t eat his breakfast.  I got him to eat this afternoon, but out of my hand not his bowl.  He is a sad sack.   He isn’t warm and hasn’t barfed since Sunday, I am hoping he feels better soon.  We are boarding him for 6 days next week and I am totally stressed about leaving him.  Though or kennel is at the vet so he will be in a good place, but not at home where its warm and he has his bed (s) and where it is quite.  So, I’m sad about that.  I’m also totally upset about my dining room curtains.  They have fallen victim to Bruno’s illness.  After spending hours calling various dry cleaners I took them in today to have them cut and re hemmed!  AH!  They are going to be a touch too short but its the only way to save them.  I am going to get some of the rings with clips to make up for the few inches that are being removed.  Wha!! I love those dang curtains.  Why couldn’t he have gone after the one cheap ones from Target, nope.  He has always had expensive taste.   Stinker. 

I am also digging deep to stay patent with this teething dictator that is ruling my days.  Poor baby, I do feel badly for him but really does the whining help?  At all?  I know when I’m in pain or down that it really doesn’t. Here, cram this frozen washcloth in that whine-hole and ziiiiip it!  He will be laughing at me tomorrow when I get mine.  Teeth cleaning and 4 fillings, what a great way to spend some time alone. 

So, really just two things but they are like a cloud over my house.   My kid and my dog are not well.  I am trying to get my head into the holidays and having company this weekend and traveling next week and I cant get excited.  

Think happy thoughts for Bruno and if you have any suggestions to help with molars AND eye teeth I’ll take them.


4 thoughts on “Debbie Downer

  1. I am so sorry about your curtains! Oliver only eats my expensive shoes so I know the feeling… Maybe he and Bruno should hang out together since they are such high class dogs {{ ROLLING MY EYES! }}

    I’ve never dealt with teething but I do remember that my mom had these teething tablets she gave my younger siblings when they were teething. They disolved on their tounge and did something to help with the pain I think. Or maybe it was for gas. Again, I’m not exactly baby-knowledgable! 🙂

    Lots of hugs today! You need them 🙂

  2. Do you have a vibrating teether? I think they help get the teeth thru the gums faster. Are you giving him pain meds? You can alternate Tylenol and Motrin so it doesn’t wear off. (ask the ped, obviously!) Those molars are really horrible. Poor Nate. Give him a hug from us.

    Also don’t give him anything hard to eat. Cold and mushy! When B’s were coming in and she didn’t want to eat anything I gave her cold cooked carrots (like leftovers from the fridge…cold) I think they felt good to her, she gobbled those UP!

  3. Not to rain on Lizzya paraide… but the teething tablets gave my kids the worst runs ever!!! like explosive, ruin more curtains bad….

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