This house has been cursed the last few days.  Sick dog, teething baby who will not nap and wakes at the crack of dawn.  He is cranky, I am cranky.  However, today I found the magic dose of Motrin for the molar and eyetooth combo this poor guy is dealing with and he slept for a glorious 2.5 hours! 

Rather than take a shower and brush my teeth I decided to wrap up the bathroom project.  I got the last coat of white paint on and the decals up.  I ordered the decals from an Etsy store and I love them.   I am really excited about how it turned out.  They were so easy to use and fun to arrange.  Another awesome part is they just peel off when you are going to move or want a new look.  Such a cool way to change the look of a small and boring bathroom.


5 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Looks great!!! I am so happy that little toot took a nap! Now if I could get him to have a talk with E! Did you end up calling to see how much he could have?

  2. bravo! i LOVE it. great job. i’ll bet it feels great to cross something off the list. i think i’m ordering my FLOR tonight just so i feel like i’ve accomplished something this week.

  3. on the curtains – is it possible to put a panel of fabric on the bottom in a different color/texture to make them long enough? they do this on HGTV all the time and it looks really cool.

    on the bathroom – those decals are the cutest! i checked out the etsy shop & have def put it in my favorites!!

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