What was I thinking?

Do you ever find that you have gotten into something before you have stopped to think first?  This clean up your messy house challenge is in my head a lot as I go from room to room, looking at things every time I open a cabinet or closet to see if anything jumps out at me that should be given the boot.  This morning I plop Nate down in the toy heap family room and turn on the computer.  Before I know it I am up to my elbows in papers and scraps and shoot I don’t have time for this right now but I am on a roll.

I do this sort of thing all the time.  Start dusting when I was just about to leave the house.  Go to the bathroom and end up cleaning the shower.  Fold laundry, move furniture.   Week before last it was tape and paint the bathroom.  I had no time for it that day but I got too deep before I knew I  had even begun.  Needless to say the bathroom is still half done.   I have to get it done before next weekend since we are having  house guests. 

This little project is a good one.  I know that but this morning as I was going through the stack of crap on my bookcase I found so much stuff that is just more work.  A pile of home maintenance receipts and vendor contact info to name one.  We have lived here for 2 years and I have not made a file for that stuff, just a stack.  This could turn out to be more work that I anticipated.  You are supposed to do 10 minutes per day of throwing out/ donating.  I need to stick to the months task rather than get into it like this on a whim. 

I will finish this mess I have started but I am NOT getting into another one until Peter tells me too.


One thought on “What was I thinking?

  1. It sounds like you have the opposite problem I do. I get all gung-ho on something, plan it all out and then it falls through the cracks. I am going to do something about that though-lack of follow through is a character-flaw I seriously want to change.

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