clean up yo messy house

Since Nate and I have been under the weather this week I have been watching TV while he is napping or while he is snuggled up on my chest because he isn’t tired but doesn’t have the energy to play.  Sad sweet baby.  Yesterday we caught Oprah and it was the first show in a series of a clean up action plan.

My life is fairly organized.  I know where most everything is but we do have areas of total chaos.  Our home office is a joke.  Always piles of mail and receipts and my crap (magazines, recipe clippings, to do lists and who knows what else is in this pile).  It is never clean.  The storage area of the basement.  Its sort of okay, but it needs some work to put like items in groups rather than extra diapers next to Christmas decorations next to luggage stacked on year books.  There are all kinds of boxes that I don’t need to keep, stuff that should be sold on Craig’s list or at a garage sale.  Too much stuff that we have no used for. The junk drawer, which speaks for itself and half of my pantry, my shoe closet.  The family room.  Sounds like a lot actually.  Most of the house is presentable, its clean and nothing falls out of any closets or cupboards.  But, it could be better.

Enter Oprah and Peter Walsh!  I had already completed day one of this challenge before I even knew I would be taking it on.  I had cleaned out my dressers, closet and put some wayward summer clothes back into storage.  I was in the mood for this kid of work, they got me on the right day.

The deal is this.  Commit to 6 months where you get one assignment e-mailed to you per month with a small daily task.  At the end you will have your entire house in order, peace in your life and appreciation for your home and the things you chose to keep.  I’m totally in.  I’m a little scared, some months could be a ton of work but I am hoping not all of them.  I need to do this.  It’s a gross thing that you can move into a new space that is nearly triple the size of your last home and fill it up in two years!  Triple the space, 2 years.  Somethings amiss.

You can find the contract and the details here, at  Because I am a total fool, here are what should be my before pictures of the mess and the areas I need help in.  You can click on the photo if you want to see the dirty-dirty detail. 


 Anyone want to join in?  Don’t we all need a little more order?  Isn’t there a missing scarf or a gift card in your house somewhere that you would love to find,  are you wondering what to do with the scrapbook closet of doom?  This is so up my alley, I love to organize things and throw stuff away.   I will post my monthly progress for you all to see.  I am just that kind of team player.


5 thoughts on “clean up yo messy house

  1. Since we haven’t unpacked from our move 7 months ago completely – I am working on only putting away things we really want/need. Everything else is getting put in boxes for Goodwill or other charitable organizations.

    Oh – and I am missing things – they are just in boxes that I haven’t unpacked yet because we aren’t ready to unpack completely yet (i.e. missing places to put things like closet shelves and clothes rods!).

  2. You crack me up. Your mess is all in the basement! Thats what basements are for!!! 🙂 I am so jealous. All my mess is on the main floor-for all all to see, haha!

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