I am not good at being sick.  I am a whiner, a complainer, a moaner.   I think that the worst has past now, I am hoping. Last night was very restless, sitting up to cough, drink some water, blow my nose.  Cold, more covers, HOT, less covers.  I am unsure if Nathan actually has the cold.  He was showing some signs late Saturday and a bit on Sunday but today he was fine.  I hope he is in the clear.  Time will tell.  I am doing everything I can not to contaminate him.  No sharing food, no kisses, sad, sad few days I tell you.

The past few nights I have busied my hands while my achy angry body rests under my blanket.  Knitting.  I have wanted to know how to knit since I was a little girl.  I remember watching my great grandma turn balls of yarn into a blanket in a day.  How fast her crooked fingers would move, never even looking, keeping her eyes on her soaps the whole time.  I wonder if she knew we were watching?  She taught me how to do the loop chain thing with a crochet hook and that kept me pretty busy.   I tried to learn a few years ago but that didn’t go well.  I “had” it for about a week but it hurt my finger and then I forgot the next step.  So, the past few nights I have been working awkwardly with two needles, a box of Kleenex and a bag of cough drops.  I have produced more wrappers than sweaters.   I was doing great on Saturday when Carrie was here to hold my hands (literally.)  Once I was really on a roll I stopped and would pick it up later that evening.   I was 6 rows in and dropped a few stitches and that was it.  I have not produced a thing since.  For hours every night I cast on and get one row done, then something is wrong.  I either have no slack left or my loop is out of order in line or god knows what but it is not working out.  I keep pretending to stab myself through the heart with the needle. Mike keeps telling me “that doesn’t look good- you should just give up” I am not giving up, but I do need another lesson.  Also, something to throw at Mike.

Because of this cold I have been sitting on my butt for a few days and not exercising at all.  Last Wednesday was the last time I laced up my running shoes.  Lazy!  I am a little past the 30 days from my start of the Shred.  I’ve done it about 13 times.  I’m not done with it, I just haven’t done it everyday the way I wanted to.   I go thorough spurts where I am more motivated than others.  I will keep it up but I think it would be a miracle if I did it 30 days in a row.   I am still on level 2 and having fun with it.  Yelling at Jillian to shut up,  asking her why she is just watching me and not working out too.   My current goal is to workout 5 days per week and as always there is a reason for not today.  Though running a fever is a pretty valid reason.   When I started this it wasn’t a weight loss goal, it was a live a better life goal.  Eat healthy, move more.  I am doing both and despite being sick at the moment I am feeling really good about it. If I could get this knitting business down I would be feeling even better.


One thought on “SickO

  1. Mom “showed” me how to knit while I was on bedrest with Connor. I had great vision… make a hat to bring baby home in, make booties to put on babies cold little toes in Nov…The only thing that I actaully made was a pot holder, and a hot mess !!! My fingers hurt so bad! It almost took away from the pain in my ass from sitting on it all day for weeks on end! Good luck!!! Hope that you are feeling better soon. If I did not know better, I would say that I got it from you! HAHA!

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