This weekend has been very quiet.  Yesterday Mike and Nate spent most of the day together while I cleaned a bit and had some time to myself.   Later in the afternoon Carrie came over for a knitting lesson (knitting is not easy!) and to scope out Nate’s space for the mural we are working on, she is working on, I am trying to describe what I think I want.   We made dinner, had some wine and just hung out and talked for hours.  It was a perfect day. 

Today Nate and I have both succumb to colds.  His is two days behind mine which tells me that I had better get well soon since he is about to be miserable.  It’s not too bad, just enough that you slow down while your nose is running full speed ahead.  Neither of us can take cold medicine, he is too young and because we are still nursing I can’t have anything either.  Which really, it’s only fair.  If he has to suffer through it so should I, I am the one that gave it to him after all.  Poor kid.  This is resulting in amazing sleep.  He did’nt wake up until 8:30 this morning and has taken great naps.  Score, sort of.   We did head out for a little while today for a Starbucks run and little just for the hell of it shopping to get out of the house for a little while.    It’s just one of those weekends where its gloomy and cold.   The first real grey weekend that makes you want to stay home.  We are doing just that.  Sitting on the floor playing trains, wiping snot and just loving the family time.  

Even though I feel like crap I am so very happy today.  Some days doing nothing could kill me, today it’s perfect.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Homebody

  1. Hey there, I am affriad that we are on the sam path too. I am offically sick, fever, sore throat, ears hurt. Yuck. Mia just wants to lay with me and rub my face and give me kisses.. She mine as well just line up for the cold. Connors party weas amazing! The kids had so much fun! Thank goodness, sick hit afterwards! Missed you last night 😦 Hope you guys feel better soon!

  2. ugh, i hope you’re both feeling better soon (especially in time for the canary!). did that youtube video help at all?

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