I am LOVING this 30 days of shoes on Flickr.  I watched it go by last year since I was at home in socks for the month with my newborn.  Drooling over gorgeous shoes of women who got to get up and dress with purpose and walk around in their fantastic shoes, without spit-up on their clothes.  This year I am playing along and while I am loving seeing the shoes it is making me really sad!

Two years ago when I had a job in a corporate office, dressing well and shopping was my hobby.  I made an okay living and got a bonus here and there so I would shop, a lot.  Mike shopped right a long with me.  It is what we did.  Shopping, dinner, movie.   I think I got a new pair of shoes at least once a month.   Since leaving the working world to stay home with Nathan my wardrobe has changed drastically and I don’t shop for clothes much at all anymore.  When I do its for t-shirts and under ware not the latest and greatest from J Crew (oh how I miss you!)  Actually, I still struggle with what to wear in this new role.  I am learning how to do casual, I try hard but still overdress for nearly everything.  I have all of the clothes from that era of Christina and wear what works now for grocery shopping and going to the park but most of it does not.  The shoes collecting dust and the closet is full but the more and more time that passes the more it will end up being donated.  Styles only last so long and while I have a lot of classic clothes little things change like the length of tops.   I am finding most of my sweaters fit just fine but are shorter than what is in style now.  My secret weapon, maternity tank tops!  Go to Old Navy and get a few in xs they are small enough to wear underneath and long enough to get you through the winter in the sort of short sweaters.

I guess all of this rambling is to say that I am green with envy watching each day as new shoes are posted.  I miss shopping terribly.  I miss slipping into a pair of shoes so fantastic that they shaped the mood of my day.   Being at home with Nathan is very fulfilling but wearing a pair of 10 year old Dansko clogs does not evoke the same feeling as a pair of 3 inch heeled Linea Paolo’s.   But I do love to take them out of the box, pet them and say, “hello, lover!”


6 thoughts on “NoBloShoeMo

  1. uuuu….i like the tip on the old navy maternity tank tops! i feel like as soon as i wash a new shirt it shrinks upwards the most and becomes way too short for my liking. or am i just freakishly long in the torso?

  2. I’ve loved your shoes and am envious that I just can’t wear heels every day this late in pregnancy (sigh). But if you ever read Friday Playdate, she has great tips/suggestions for stay-at-home or work-from-home moms and how to dress great (and causal) every day.

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