I am so glad that I decided not to commit to posting everyday!  As you can see it’s been a few days.

On Sunday Nate and I met up with Carrie in Clintonville for some lunch and shopping.  No, not that kid of shopping.  Adventure shopping!  We went to antique shops.  It was a blast.  That same morning she had posted on her blog about another called Cakies.  It showed the authors daughters rooms which were so full of personality and decorated in a way that has style but isn’t babyish.   I got some ideas for Nathans room.  Well, later that day I found exactly what I needed to replicate one of them.  It isn’t a big thing, just some cute jars for kids mementos, rocks, baseball ticket stubs etc.  But perfect for a little boy who is bound to start collecting some otherwise “garbage” and soon!   I didn’t pick them up on Sunday so I going back today to get them. 

On Saturday night we went to my neighbors house for a Halloween party.  I got to see Baby Camille’s room for the first time.  Darcy had made a huge tree out of white wallpaper and pasted it to her wall (which is the sweetest shade of pink) and she had turned it into a family tree.  She had a few oval frames “hanging” from branches and then a collage of photos over her crib where one large branch reached.  I loved it.  Monday morning I was still thinking about it so I went on line looking for decals.

Then, I saw something else that I had.to.have.  for my half bath that I just got the new art for a couple of weekends ago.  I mentioned that I wished I were brave enough to tear the wainscoting down and put up wallpaper but wouldn’t try it.   Well, I found some decals that I think can accomplish the same sort of feel!   That got me to finally go to the hardware store and get the supplies I need to finish that bathroom once and for all.  When we moved in the wainscot was navy blue and there was pink and blue flower wallpaper, a brass light fixture and a horrid mirror.  This was my first project when we moved it.  After I had taken the paper down and repainted and replaced the mirror and the light it wasn’t right.  There were gaps between floor molding and the wall and over the winter the wainscot cracked in places and you could see the navy through it.  I got some wood filler and a quart of paint and have been working on getting it repaired and looking shiny and new.  So far so good, today should be the last coat of paint.  Hopefully the decals will be here today or tomorrow.   Pictures when it is finished.  So! Excited!

I was talking to Carrie about how I couldn’t get that tree in Cammie’s room out of my head and that I was looking for something like it in a decal on line.  Well, Carrie is an artist, well a designer but in my eyes an artist.  She is a new friend, we are just getting to know each other so I have not been to her home.  She sends me an on line photo album of her place and it’s of some amazing work she has done herself.  She offers to paint the tree in Nate’s room for me!  Can you even believe that? I am super excited, she is coming over this weekend to check out his room and measure so she can design it on her computer first.    She is also going to teach me how to knit.   I am going to have to bake her something.  So the one room in my house that I loved just the way it is and felt was just perfect for my boy is about to get even better.   This project will take more time but when it is done I will share- and remind you that I was merely her assistant.    I have not decied if I want it in color or in all white but I know that it will not be a family tree the way Darcy has hers, I just love the idea of the tree.

All of this is going on and my little head is spinning with all of these ideas and I’m supposed to be doing my bedroom!  Oops.  We did shop last weekend and tried out a few mattresses but mostly just talked about it.  I am sort of glad to have these other things to distract me for now since the bedroom hasn’t taken off yet.  I do have two color schemes that I am looking to match up with fabrics and brought home some paint chips this week but that is it as far as progress.   It is okay though, this will keep me busy for a bit then we go to Tampa for Thanksgiving.  Then when we get home I can decorate for Christmas, then it will be time to get going.  It is our Christmas gift so there will be no more “waiting” Mr. P.

He isn’t wrong about waiting.  In fact, this is my horoscope today.   Heh….

You need to curb your spending quite a lot, for now. Excessive shopping could leave you cash poor just when you need cash most! If you are dying to buy things, at least slow the process down. Put more time into researching the best brands or models, and try to find a way to get what you want at a lower price. When was the last time you went to a fleamarket or a second hand shop? These places can offer you a very satisfying shopping experience for less money

If you will excuse me, there is a junk store in Clintonville calling my name.  Must obey the stars.


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