Election Day

I think it’s safe to say this is a day that we have all been waiting for.   You are either like me and could not wait to be in front of that ballot machine, or maybe you are just sick of the commercials and the endless phone calls asking for support or maybe both. (me? BOTH!) Nate and I hit the line right after breakfast and were in and out in 40 minutes.  I let him hit the final green button to cast our vote.  One day I will tell him all about it, how he was in his Bjorn with me in line at that little church in Ohio to vote for the 2nd time in his life, same church, same presidential chioce.  I  hope that no matter who you choose that you take time today to make your voice heard.    It is your country, it is your choice. 

 Please vote.


7 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Iam heading over after I drop the kids. I am a little worried about how long I will be there considering every parent will probably be AT THE SCHOOL dropping their kids off and going in to vote!

  2. Did everything go smoothly? We have new machines that were used for the first time in the primaries, and they had problems even then with them. I’m afraid to see what a madhouse I’ll be voting in. 😦
    Let’s just all be glad this mess is almost over! I’m proud to have the opportunity to vote, but man, will I ever be glad when I can watch cartoons with Baby and NOT have political commercials during the breaks!

  3. I went at 6:30 AM as soon as the polls opened so I didn’t have to drag the girls with me. It was already busy! Luckily my line (A-F) had nobody in it so I walked right up. Fun times! Love voting! And my “I voted” sticker kept B entertained at A’s dance class for at least 20 minutes. Bonus!

  4. I voted early – last week and took my 7 year old with me. He was so interested in the entire thing I thought I would take the opportunity to have him along with no line to wait in and no annoying little sister who didn’t care. Our schools are closed today too due to so many being polling places. I’m glad. Once every 4 years is fine to close school for a day and not have the hassles. I thought about waiting and going today but then I thought about a potentially long line with two little kids and voting early sounded much more appealing!

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