Going Green?

It sort of annoys me that this is so in right now.  Not because it isn’t a great idea but more so because of where have you been.  You know?    I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so I have built in trash guilt.  I will admit it’s not obvious on the outside, but I am a tad tree huger, a touch granola.   I recycle every thing I possibly can, even our bathroom has a recycle bin and a normal trash.  I do what I can but I still use disposable diapers.  We have a programmable thermostat, I never leave the car running, Mike drives a small, old, very gas efficient car.  I was all of our clothes in cold water, to name a few.   There is a LOT more that I could do and there is more that I will do. 

When my In-Laws were here for Nate’s birthday they did something so smart!    Rather than giving us gifts in paper gift bags and using a ton of tissue paper they purchased reusable shopping bags!  Genius!   Sometimes a gift bag is cute enough to reuse but often it goes right into the trash or fire.   Another thing, a shopping bag is around .99 to $1.50 each.  Gift bags are usually around $3 plus tissue. 

Next time you are giving a gift to someone maybe purchase one of these instead.  It is better for the environment in two ways, you’re not throwing out the gift bag and the receiver of said bag will be using less plastic bags as a result.

I don’t see myself buying another gift bag or wrapping paper (after I use up the LOAD I have in my basement).  So easy and so smart!


2 thoughts on “Going Green?

  1. i completely agree. i kinda cringed when we were at lunch today and i was throwing out your snapple bottle cuz i didn’t see a recycling option.

    i too am against purchasing any more gift wrap at least for a very long time. first, i have a stash accumulated from over the years that i need to use up. and second, i like to use glossy magazine pages or tear-outs from some of the design catalogs i get in the mail. the visuals are so bright and interesting so they make great gift wrap. and as far as ribbon goes, lately i’ve been using leftover yarn from finished projects. i think it gives gifts a charming touch!

    truth be told, i prefer a gift wrapped in brown kraft paper and a yarn bow anyway. it reminds me of mailed packages from the days of yore. ha!

  2. That’s a really great idea, thanks for passing it on.

    I made chili this weekend using the recipe you e-mailed. It was a hit all around, thanks so much!

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