NaBloPoMo-No Mo

After a few days of thinking whether or not I should take this challenge I have decided that I will not. 

I ask myself weekly what do I want from this blog, what do I need from it, why do I write in the first place.  I won’t share the answers with you but I can tell you that none of them are to fill the Internets will random babble about a toddler that won’t stay still long enough to have his diaper changed, or that I sat on the couch this morning and asked Mike if he could see the kid and I found him UP STAIRS!  See, reading that just now was probably not so bad, the first time its not (as) boring, you don’t roll your eyes and yell at me.  Wondering if I have anything else in my life.  I do, I have a lot more in my life than the frequent escape of my baby.  I need to wait until I have something to actually say to come here and say it.   If I force myself to come everyday and get something down, it could end up being about poop.  No body wants that.   You’re welcome!
I did mention the shoe diary which I will happily participate!    Some days may be mom clogs and mom flats, well lots of days.  If we have a day that we don’t go anywhere I will feature a pair of shoes that are no longer in my life.  The good stuff, my old work foot wear.  Oh, how I miss it!  Fancy feet make me happy.  It is that simple.  So, for the month of November you will see my shoes.  I will have a small hiatus over Thanksgiving, we are flying to Tampa (SANDALS IN NOVEMBER!) so downloading pic’s won’t be an option until we get home. 

We have a party to go to tonight so once I am ready I will post my first pair.  I’m sure no one is as excited about this as I am.  I am also sure that my North Carolina friends will be saddened over the lack of new shoes, as I have been gone for 2 years.  Me too, girls, me too!


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo-No Mo

  1. I’ve decided to do it, just as a way to hopefully get me blogging again… I’m not promising it will be interesting though!

  2. Oh cute shoes! Love the blacks buckle ones. I did the NaBloPoMo thing last year and it nearly freakin’ killed me and any desire to post ever again. I hated coming up with baloney just for the sake of posting.

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