This is one of my favorite holidays.  Second only to Christmas.  I love it, seeing the kids all dressed up and happy.  Watching them leap over flower beds and bolt across the lawn with their pillow case flying behind them like a weighted cape.   I feel like a kid myself on Halloween.  The last time I went trick or treating I was in 7th grade and was with my 3 sisters, Mom, Aunt and Uncle.    I felt too old that year so that was that.  Back then we didn’t trick or treat with friends it was a family night and one I always enjoyed.  Probably why I cling to it years later.   I now feel like an 8 year old every year as it approaches.   As soon as the candy comes out (you know, in August!) I start browsing and when the decorations are in stock it is on.  The anticipation just keeps building.  Now that we have Super Nate I feel like I get an annual do-over.  

Tonight we had our first chance.   He loved it, we went around a little to say hi to neighborhood friends and then came back home to answer the door.  He got excited with every kid that came to the door.    I hope that he likes this holiday as much as I do as he grows up.  I also hope he likes me enough that I can at least trail a block behind and keep an eye on him for both safety and my own enjoyment.   This year he was the Spider- a very busy little spider that was not going to sit still long enough for a good photo- we had to strap him in to get even this.  Happy Halloween!


4 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. The best was when Dad used to take the two of us out to every neigborhood he could think of after the little ones went home with mom! We would SCORE! I always loved it too. I am so excited to get out tomorrow night to “re-live” it thru my little ones too! Nathan is the cutest Damn Spider I have EVER SEEN!!!!! I just want to squish him and give him a milkyway! LOVE HIM!!!!!! Miss you guys.

  2. Awww! He’s a totally cute spider!
    I sent my husband a text yesterday while at a function with the kids. I told him that the next best thing to being a kid on Halloween is having two of my own! This year at 7 (almost 8) & 4, they are sooo into it. We’re doing a ton of different things spanning over two days. I love it too!

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