I asked for your advice about skin care and got some great answer’s and ideas.  There were two that I loved, cheap and easy.  Victoria said not to wash daily, sounds great and is a good idea especially during the dry winter months.  But I wear makeup everyday so that won’t work for me.  Carrie told me her routine (after I placed an order) of Cetaphil and witch hazel.  I used witch hazel to combat my forehead of aqua net pimples when I was sporting the wall o’ bangs in middle school, I could remember it’s scent immediately. I wanted to use it again just to sniff it.  I have never tried Cetaphil, but have always been curious.  Laura reminded me of Avon’s Anew line.  I got excited about that.   Avon, I had forgotten all about you! I remember the beautiful women in their ad’s a few years ago dancing around holding a birthday cake.  I went to their site and was even more excited,  they had a quiz!  A quiz about your skin and your goals and at the end it gave the recommended product line up.  Well Avon, not as affordable as you lead on.  $165 for my personal skin care regime.  Pass, too expensive.  Sarah mentioned Amazing Grace by Philosophy and then QVC for good pricing.  That reminded me that Amalah is a die hard Philosophy lover so I went to the Smackdown and read up on some of her favorite products. I had never been to the QVC site so I went there next.

After a few days of looking around in stores and on line for my answer to the fine line’s and tired Mommy eyes, I made a decision.  I ordered the aging kit from QVC.  It has Purity (8 oz) Hope in a Jar (2oz) Hope in a Tube (.5oz) and Microdelivery pads- 60 count.  If you were to order these items alone from Sephora it would run you $146, twice what I paid!  Sarah, I totally owe you a salted caramel HC!  I would have never, ever thought of QVC.

I have the products now and love them.  After just two uses I actually see improvement around my mouth already.  The Microderm pads are a gentle acid exfoliate that goes on nice and smooth but you can feel it doing its job.  The Purity wash is so gentle and non drying, it feels great when  you use it and your face doesn’t have that tight feeling afterward.  I LOVE the Hope in a Jar!  It feels too light to do anything, when I was scooping it out of the jar I was worried.  On your face it is very nice and light.  Not too heavy to wear under your makeup. (One downside is it doesn’t have any spf-which you can get but not in the kit)  I love the Hope in a Tube as well, it is for both your eyes and your lips.   I have been using Clinique’s All about Lips for years and am almost out so that was a great bonus.  I haven’t been using this long enough to really tell you that you should buy it, all I can say is that I like it so far.  We’ll see how I do with breakouts and if any of my aging signs actually diminish over time.

One other thing, Sarah and Lizzy both love Amazing Grace, which I nearly ordered just because they like it and I trust them both.  I was thrilled to see my order came with a free sample.  I used it this morning,  I like the product, it feels great and hours after my shower my skin is still moisturized.  What I don’t care for is the smell!  I kept realizing that it was me that I smelled while I was shopping today.  I wouldn’t mind it if I just stuck my nose in a jar but having it follow me around for hours on end is driving me crazy.  Which, if you like the scent I would say BUY IT!  It is very long lasting.


p.s.  Am I the only one who keeps wasting money on Burts Bee’s gloss?  I cannot get a good color and yet I can’t stop buying it!  Must, try, one, more, tube.    Today was the last one, Burt!  We are OVER.


3 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. You don’t like the smell of Amazing Grace?? SERIOUSLY? I am so in love with it 🙂

    Actually, while we are on the topic, I am going to put on some more lotion while I’m sitting here typing to you. God, I love this smell!!



    I really do swear by the Purity Made Simple.. if you stick with it and need to reorder, Sephora carries a pump/foam version that I adore much more than the regular kind.

    And Amazing Grace may not be for everyone. My mother swears by Falling in Love, while my husband uses the Pure Grace.

    He’d kill me for telling that. 🙂

  3. Glad you found something that works for you! I too love Bert’s Bees, even though their lip balm is always either too dark or too light for me. My favorite is their hand cream though. It’s great, and it’s awesome on stretch marks.
    Let me know if the new skin care regimen works. I’ve got little forehead lines and I need to stop them before they get too bad…

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