Heard of it? November is National Blog Posting Month.  I idea is to post everyday the entire month.  The idiotic thing is I am considering participating this year.  The idiocy comes in that I have been completely and utterly blocked for about a week, nothing to say, nothing to report.  Nada.  However, I am thinking about it.  Making a list of what to write about, and on it is wordless Wednesdays for a little help if needed.  I will probably do NaBloShoeMo- where I take a picture of the shoes I am wearing everyday for a month.  I bet that will get more hits than my blog- heh!

Should I do it?  Are you going to do it?


10 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo

  1. I would do it if we weren’t traveling for Thanksgiving. I can’t guarantee I will be able to post while we are gone. I can set blogger to post messages while I am gone, but is it the same thing? There are a lot of weekly activities you could do – like Wordless Wednesday, Not Me Monday, etc. that would make it easier though!

  2. I’m thinking of doing it too, but like you was wondering if I would have anything to write about. I like your idea of having some theme days.

    Oh! It finally cooled down here so I am hoping I have time to make your chili this weekend.

  3. We are traveling for thanksgiving too. We will be away for 5 days. But, I will be able to post from my Dad’s.

    aju5’s Mom- What’s Not Me Monday??

  4. Thanks for reminding me! I’ve gotten so bad.. I used to have three posts a day, now I’m lucky to get three posts a week up. Maybe this would be a great push!

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  6. I’m not b/c I think it takes away from the quality of my posts and it also sucks the fun out of what is a passion of mine. I get the urge to write something, anything, but that urge is best kept for post-its and journals, in my opinion, not for a site I take some pride in. Does that make sense or do I sound a little holier-than-thou? Lord, I hope not.

  7. SLP_ That is exactly what I am afriad of. There are times when I post just for the sake of it and its not good, its bullets or some random junk. I am never proud of that type of writing. I don’t know- I have one more day to decide.

  8. i’ll try to…although i already try to post everyday. but sometimes it gets hard if i end up working late or have plans. but i hear ya about posting for the sake of posting. maybe i’ll get to that point if i ever make it through my “ideas for posts” list!

  9. I’ve done it the last two years, and the idea of not doing it this year weirds me out. But I just don’t think I could commit to it without wanting to pull my hair out! Plus, I’ve got to travel for work for three days, and I don’t want to bring my work laptop on the plane, and I won’t have time to write entries in advance, so there you go. Even if I did it, I would fail. Blah.

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