This weekend was not good.  Nothing bad happened it was just a mess.  Nothing worked out, things fell through, we got lost (shakes fist at GPS), and it was just lame. LAME!  

I have been trying very very hard to fight a case of the blah’s for a good two weeks.  Feeling bored and irritable all the time is really exhausting.  Taking care of a kid who has taken to whining is also exhausting.  I have been trying, this weekend sort of rubbed salt into my wound.  Blah. 

Moving on.

I woke up to it snowing this morning.  I ran to get Nathan up and show him with a smile and as we looked out the window I heard the music cue.  Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.  It dawned on me that this could be a really long hard winter.  Snow before Halloween.  Before we set the clocks back,  before all of the leaves have fallen.  Am scared.

I have been seeing signs around that read Trick or Treat Thursday October 30th 6-8.   I HATE that!  Halloween is Friday, what is wrong with Friday?    Also, how do I know if this applies to my neighborhood?  The signs are in odd places not at any neighborhood entrances’. We don’t have a HOA so I don’t have the first clue how to check.  Ideas? *Nevermind- I found our town website- it is the 30th* I now have to modify Nate’s costume a little. He was going to go sleeveless and wear crocs but now its freezing.  Need turtle neck and socks.   Last year it was so warm we (Mike, I was nursing my 3 week old baby) left the front door open most of the night.  

Last night I got the itch to get some stuff done and took out the bins of outgrown clothes in Nate’s closet.  Mike and I sat on the floor together making sad faces and gasping “OH look how small!”  “Remember this one?”  Everything is packed away now, in bins by size, newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9.  Then this morning I went through his toys again and put more of them away, too.  This felt really good.  Nate’s closet is clean now that I have the bins in the basement and his toy heap is a little less of a heap.  Next up is getting the saucer out of the living room.  Mike convinced me to leave it be until we put the Christmas tree in its place. 

I also did a little makeover on my 1/2 bath yesterday.   There were a few things in there that I hated once I got them home and had been living with them for about a year.  In a effort to save my own mind I went out alone for a few hours yesterday and after getting myself a salted caramel hot chocolate (totally lived up to its hype!)  I went and found a few things that I liked better.  It is much better now.  I have some nail hole patching and a little paint touch up but the room belongs in our house now.   I wish I had the guts to tear down the wains coating and put up a modern wallpaper.  But, I don’t.  Oh well.

Then I went looking for bedding.  I have a better idea of what Mike is thinking of after some gentle grilling with visual examples and once I can get him out of the house to do this with me I think it will be okay.  I can’t wait.  I really want to get the room started.   I can’t wait to get curtains up in there to darken it and keep it cozy.  I want a warm little cocoon for the winter.  Seeing snow fall this morning just gets my wheels spinning. 

This week I have a list of things to do to try and stay on the other side of this bummer of a mood.  I think we may go to the outlet mall and hit up Pottery Barn.  I want some Christmas decorations.  Nate needs a stocking and we need hangers for the fireplace and some other odds and ends and PB carries the same stuff in the outlets as they do in the regular stores for holidays but at a discount! (shhh, that’s a secret!)    That should be a good day, it’s about a 40 minute drive each way so we can make a day of it.  Maybe we will go tomorrow, I am getting excited just writing about it.

So Moms, help me out here.  How do I find out about trick or treating?  Also, what do you do to snap out of it when your on the verge of blowing your top but nothing is really wrong?   I think I am doing what I can with working out and trying to stay busy but what do YOU do?


13 thoughts on “Rambler

  1. I try to disconnect for a little while. Even if it is just for 30 min. Just having that time either out of the house alone or in the house alone really makes a difference. When the kids get home from school every day, I love them sooo much (it only takes about 20 min before I remember why I RUSHED them out the door a few short hours earlier) But hey, it is good none the less. I also give my self that gentle bonk on the head every now and then when I realize just how good life is. It is hard to remember to appriciate your children when all they do is whine and fight! So I have to keep myself in check 🙂

  2. Pottery Barn has a holiday candle that is INSANELY FANTASTIC. I love it. It’s red (aren’t I helpful). Sniff all the red candles when you go, and you’ll find the one that is TO DIE FOR.

  3. I have a salted caramel hot chocolate. 🙂

    No, seriously.. my “getaway” is Target. My husband jokes that I “escape to the endcaps of Target” and he’s right. Just to have a little time to shop.. by myself.. is usually what I need to revive me.

    (Our Target has a Starbucks inside it, so complete heaven is shopping the endcaps of Target WHILE drinking a salted caramel hot chocolate.)

  4. Sarah- that is where I got my hot chocolate and I then spent over an hour wandering in Target. I bought diapers, onesises, baby socks and baby snacks. But damnit, I was alone! 🙂
    Am on lookout (sinffout?) for red holiday candle.
    I called today to see to check on holiday goodie status and was told I should wait at least another week. No stockings in yet- darn it. Maybe I will go to Ikea instead? I donno.
    Auntie- don’t be jealous of not living near Jeffersonville Ohio- good greif!

  5. Why is your town doing it on Thursday? Football?

    When I get frustrated, I put the little on in bed and either play on the computer, read a book, or take a shower/bath. Then I try to be productive before she wakes up!

  6. When I need some time, I usually plan a dinner with friends… not even just me and friends – but the family too. Or I take a class… so yesterday I went to a knitting class. Not because I needed to learn something new, but I needed a new experience. I had to drive about 30 minutes to get there and that was really great! I turned the music up LOUD (hello John Mayer) and sang my heart out! I feel much better today!

  7. I don’t know what to do. . . this weekend I was like that. But I pretty much just blew my top and made a mess of things.

    Exercise probably would have been a better option. Instead I sulked and made things worse. And then blew up.

  8. i’m very happy that i didn’t lead you astray on the salted caramel. it shall be my winter drink of choice. glad you got some time to yourself.

  9. Well, im still new at the fulltime mom thing…but i try to get out of the house…which is very hard with two and one of them eats every two hours. I would love to do it by myself. I havent been by myself since Aug 18th, much less even heard of the SALTED CARAMEL. That’s what happens when you live in a hole called Henderson… I have two gift cards for starbucks,but can never get close enough to one to use them. ugh!

    Im very excited about you shopping for bedroom stuff and Christmas stuff. Sounds like you keep busy. Wish Henderson and Columbus were closer together. oxox

  10. I hate that about Trick or Treat. My town growing up always messed with the date like that. They didn’t want it on t heweekend because the older kids caused too much trouble or something. Ho Hum. Here it is always on the 31st and I love it. The great thing is my parents are coming down and will get to see the girls trick or treat for the first time!

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