<3’ing the Shred

You guys, I’m totally drinking the kool aid now!  I am really loving this workout.  Level 2 is the perfect combination of ass kicking and fun.   In level 2 Jillian is officially my personal trainer.  I can hear her when she tells me this is my workout, don’t slack, just a few more and we are done.  She has a way of piping in just as you start to feel yourself sinking in and loosing form.  She also said during a cardio phase, I want you to be gurgling your heart at the end of this.    Let’s just say she would be proud.  At the end of the worlds shortest cool down she looks right at the camera and tells you that you did an amazing job and she will see you tomorrow.  As corny as that is, and sounds, it is exactly what you want to hear after gurgling your own heart.

Level 2 is so much fun!  Really.  It is harder than 1 for sure but not as hard as I thought.  There were two moves that had me swearing at the TV but isn’t that the point?  It has to be hard and has hurt to get the results.

Anyway, I’m so completely committed to this now and couldn’t be more excited to see where it takes me.  Both in physical endurance and to see what it does for my body.

It’s only $10.99 guys, hop on the bandwagon!


3 thoughts on “<3’ing the Shred

  1. Maybe if we had a tv, I would order this (although I am terrible at aerobics, etc. because of a lack of coordination). I guess I have to stick with the walking until the family room is done…

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