Today is one of the days you are afraid of when you are looking toward your expansive belly at your day job.  Sitting in a seat that draws a paycheck, you look at the shapes it creates and wonder.  Is staying home really for me, will I be bored, will I get dressed, will I sustain on chicken nuggets alone?

Today is one of those days.  It’s 2:20 and I’m in yoga pants, a t-shirt and a sweater sporting barbecue sauce from one failed attempt toward my nugget hole.   Nathan is not eating said nuggets, mind you.   They were from a kid’s frozen lunch that I bought for myself.  Yum- something about the middle of the month and nuggets.  And cookies, and yoga pants, and blah’s. 

There are not many of these.  But just now I was taking the dog out and he was headed toward the front yard when I realized the sauce and lack of bra and locked his leash.   Am not going in the front yard.  

On days like today I am torn.  Do I get into gear or go with the flow?  It can go either way really.  But, I’m getting it together today.  I cleaned the kitchen and folded a load of laundry, swept and dusted.   I’m going to workout, take a shower and when the kid is up from his nap we will go to the park. 

I know that staying home was the right choice.  But I do laugh at myself when I realize that some days, no matter the overall effort,  I look in the mirror and see my worst nightmare!


5 thoughts on “Shlumpadinka!

  1. I just wanted to say, I think you are a great mom.
    I can not wait to get home and watch that video. You know here at work…there is NO sound

  2. After you go to the park- eat the cookie. These days have a way of catching up with all of us 🙂 You stopped yourself from going into the front yard! That means that your worst nightmare has not quite come true! Love ya

  3. I totally understand! We went to the park yesterday and I saw two moms dressed in jeans and nice shirts. I was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt! Their kids were bigger, so they weren’t climbing around like I was, but it still made me feel weird. But work work and house work normally take precedence over looking good these days!

  4. I fear that were my wish ever to be granted to stay home, I would not be nearly so motivated as you. I would probably head out to the front yard and never wear a bra again. You are my role model!

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