Shred Update

I am doing pretty well now.  I didn’t workout over the weekend but Saturday hauled Nate’s 21.5 lb self in the Bjorn for about 2 hours so that counts for something.  Anyway, today was great.  I can keep up with the advanced girl now with everything but the push ups, I am still doing the girl style.  After finishing I decided to watch Level 2 thinking that I will give one more day to Level 1 and move on.

I am terrified!  Level 2 is going to be so much harder.  It looks fun because it’s a lot of moves I haven’t done before but it also looks like it could kill me.  In fact,  at one point Jill looks into the camera and says “I want you to feel like you’re going to die.”    I’m thinking that’s a given. 

This is my second go round of week one but I am feeling much stronger already.  My endurance has improved and my movement is more controlled as apposed to sort of flailing about just trying to get all the way through the set.   Today I can say it is fun.  Wednesday when I move up?  We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Shred Update

  1. I fell off the Shred wagon for sure, but it’s motivating to see that you’re back on! I ordered a couple more dvds so I could have some variety and am going to make myself start working out again soon.

    Good luck whenever you start Level 2! I am scared to even watch it!

  2. You are braver then I!!! Good luck! Let me know what you think of level two, I think that I will wait until next week to step it up.

  3. The shred, it entices me. I really feel like my workouts at the gym are just not doing it. My arms are not the toned specimens I’d like them to be, y’know? Am thinking I’ll have to give this shred thing a try.

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