A fountain devoid of youth

Since having Nathan I think I have aged much more than just one year.  I look significantly older, my body and my face both marked.  Some things I accept that the hayday has passed but others should look better and it is going to take some work. 

I am working on my all-over-baby-sag, am getting closer to biting the bullet and going back to coloring my hair since this wash in color glaze isn’t kidding anyone in the grey department.  My skin routine needs some work.  I have normal skin, I tend to break out around ovulation and stay a mess throughthe end of my cycle. It is dull looking and flat and tends to hold on to blemish marks well after the outbreak has healed.   I use the Proactiv system.  The 3 daily steps, the oil free moisturizer for day and the refining mask about once per week.  At night I slap on some olay eye serum and a night cream and that’s it.  I need something better but not expensive. 

I have fine lines around my eyes,  pre-wrinkles (yes I made that up- am NOT wrinkled!) on my forehead and my laugh lines are also getting deeper.  I often forget my neck but after seeing 3 minutes of All My Children yesterday Susan Lucci reminded me to lather up.   I also have dark circles and bags.  

So, dear readers.  Do you have a product that you love, or a whole line that you can recommend?   I would love to hear about what you like or even what you have tried and absolutely hated.


8 thoughts on “A fountain devoid of youth

  1. I cannot recommend the Philosophy products highly enough. The Amazing Grace 3-in-1 body wash is FABULOUS and you can get a buttload of it at QVC.com at a marvelous price. The Purity Made Simple is a fabulous skin cleanser, and the Hope in a Jar is a moisturizer I trust to use on my baby.

  2. I have not personally tried it but I’ve heard good things about the “Anew” line by Avon. I think it is reasonably priced, as far as skin care products go.

    I am a freaking slacker in this dept. I use cleanser in the shower, moisturizer during the day and that is it. Well, I have the Olay home microderm abrasion kit I used to do once a week, but now its like once a month. I like it too though, just for feeling like a fresh start on your skin, get the dead stuff off.

  3. Well, I love love love the Patricia Wexler line at Bath and Body Works. Found here http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=2137961&cp=2073258&cm_re=Top%20Sellers-_-Slot%204-_-Patricia%20Wexler%20M.D.%20Dermatology(2137961)

    I like the philosophy stuff, but it’s too expensive for me. Plus, I have dry skin – so I have to watch the cleansers. Patricia Wexler has a “trial kit” that you can buy (which has everything in it).

    I have a good friend who is my age and thinks she doesn’t need eye cream. hello! I wished I’d started at 18!!

  4. Ahhh Christina, the similarities of our lives continue to amaze me 🙂

    We both use Proactive and the Olay eye serum. Your face sounds EXACTLY like mine and I’ve been wanting to make some changes too. I just look dull. 😦

    I’m hoping you get more posts so I can see what other people use!


  5. I haven’t been able to bring myself to attack the “early stage wrinkles” yet but I do have a little advice for the breakouts.
    This is going to sound crazy, but only wash your face with soap every other night, and use an antibacterial face wash on those nights. On the nights you don’t use soap, just use a wash rag and water. My gyn when I was in college told me that a lot of times women over-wash their face, and the lack of oils causes your face to over-compensate and make the problem worse. Then, of course, women put all the creams and stuff on their faces too, which encourages breakouts.
    So for now, I’m following her advice. Washing with a good cleanser every other night (sometimes every night if I’ve gotten especially oily) and putting on a light, SPF lotion in the morning. Works pretty well, surprisingly (at least for me).
    She also said to avoid Olay until you’re somewhat older, because it’s formulated for older women and can be too much for younger skin to handle.
    Anyway, hope you find something that works! Breakouts suck. 😦

  6. Hey Christina,
    I am just catching up on your blog. Wow, you feel this way, I think I feel the same, but from the grind of work and life.

    In my 20’s I never really felt strongly that I was aging. But now, sh!t, the signs are creeping up. The gray in the hair, the belly, oh, the belly. 🙂

    What made me notice it more (or bring it to light), was the birth of Claire. Immediately began working on my Will, getting my Life Insurance stuff figured out, and working harder. Pretty weird/morbid reaction to welcoming a new Life.

    I was so worried about it, went the Dr’s office and checked the Blood Pressure and cholesterol – everything ended up being just fine.

    In my opinion you’re not aging more than you think, you are just more aware of it now, because it matters more. 🙂

    just my 2 cents….

    Love ya guys,


  7. i have no skincare advice…but i love your new masthead! it’s adorable.

    (for the record, i use cetaphyl cleanser, witch hazel as an astringent and oil of olay for moisturizer. it’s served me well for the past 10 years or so.)

  8. Yes…given that a certain milestone b-day is right around the corner, I’m certainly investing more in this area. Certainly ascribe to the “you only have one face, so take care of it” philosophy. This fall I paid a trip to my dermatologist & took in all of my current product. Here is what she said…for a cleanser, you need a product with alpha hydroxy (sp??)…period. After that, a good eye cream (could be spendy) and repair (C&E Ferulic by SkinCeuticals is the best!) solution. Also, Rentin A…all over. It’s harsh and intense to beign with, but as my dermatologist said, there is nothing else out there proven to reduce & prevent wrinkles. Finally, a good overall face lotion – my skin is sensitive so I like Eucerin. Daytime – skip the Rentin A & replace sunscreen.

    In addition to product, I also recommend facial peels. I had my first about a month ago – a bit painful, but wow, really helps rejuvenate your skin…especially after the effects of summer.

    Hope this helps!


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